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Educate Without Bias

I won't believe what you'll "market" to me. I won't believe what your other clients say about you in their video testimonials that I see on your website. But I will believe if my close friend recommends you. I will believe if I "tell" myself … [Read more]

Your Mirror is a Powerful Tool

When did you last look at yourself through mirror? "Funny question," you might think. "I look at mirror everyday!" Not so simple. Read on ... You look at mirror to be aware about how you look like. If you haven't combed your hair, you … [Read more]

The New Phenomenal

I have built a great app, it works on iOS8! And you have to eat at this restaurant, they serve you within just 15 minutes and they serve tasty food. And, their restaurant staff is polite too. Nothing is phenomenal about above examples. We … [Read more]

How to Become the Master of Knack?

I don't know why more people aren't talking about this... App Development is a knack! Just like Ikebana is a knack. Just like Knitting is a knack. Just like Public Speaking is a knack. Knack = There are certain principles to follow and … [Read more]

Impatient Opportunist

Impatient opportunist only cares about what's "trending" today. He impatiently reads the startup news, studies the technology trends, bookmarks the stories of startups who have made it to Techcrunch or Mashable this week and talks about these … [Read more]

Enforcement Vs. Choice

When a Business Leader says, "I have so many expectations to fulfill, and so little time available." It actually means that he's not able to see. He's not able to see the business priorities. He's not able to see the important projects and … [Read more]