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Fulfilling My Destiny – A Zen Story

In not so ancient times, there lived a master.

He came from a humble background and led his way to wisdom through hard work, perseverance, and ability to solve complex problems.

He was appreciated for not only his wisdom but also for his unique + unusual + interesting way of teaching.

Everyone Liked the Master

A lot of people not only liked him but also used seek his help for solving diverse problems related to business, relationships, and life.

His preferred way of teaching was fire and forget. He’d  teach a concept, provide vivid examples and relevant stories around the concept and that’s it.

He never seemed to worry much about the outcomes and used to teach all kind of students with equal focus.

A New Disciple Comes

One day, a new student enrolled in master’s self-development class.

The new student was young but curious, inexperienced but determined, not super talented but had super-clarity of thoughts.

The fees for the class was  100% participation of the student. If a student takes any session for granted, s/he would not make to the next class.

The young student was working hard, participating wholeheartedly, and expressing himself fully.

He got enough attention and guidance from the master.

This student started acquiring more skills and started being more aware of the fabric of self-development and what it means to be a lifelong learner.

While the class was about to end, the student said to the master:

“Oh master, I have been observing you since you accepted me in your class.

You don’t worry much whether your students will learn what they need to or not.

You just teach and let your students learn. If they don’t, you don’t say anything to them. If they do, then also you don’t say anything to them.

But when it comes to me, I think you make sure that I learn it.

You are helping me to fulfill my dreams. Thank you, master!”

Master Fulfills His Destiny

“I’m not here to fulfill your dreams; I’m here to fulfill my destiny.” replied the master.

“What’s your destiny?” asked the student.

“My destiny is what I make of it,” the master said calmly.

“But I think you help me to fulfill my dreams, you go beyond what a master would do normally,” the student affirmed his thought.

“Well,” said the master, “I’m just fulfilling my destiny. If it means anything else in your world then it is your version of what it is.”

What to Learn from the Story

#1. Your destiny is to serve. When  you serve, you rule. Rule the hearts. 💚

#2. Like the master, we all are here to fulfill our destiny. And our destiny is what we make of it. If it means anything else to anyone, it is not our lookout, it is their lookout. 🙂

#3. Fulfilling your destiny means nothing but celebrating your existence and doing what you feel is right in the moment of choice.

What if fulfilling your destiny becomes your life work?

PS: It’s okay if you’re not doing your life work but at least now you know that it is possible to do that sooner than later.

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