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Eleven Causes of Superior Execution

  1. The right stuff: These individuals are called “good actors.”  They lead with a manner which is consistent with company’s belief and value system. They directly “infect” their colleagues or direct reports.
  2. Properly conceived organization: The right organization structure, the right expectations; simplified Organization Chart – with no more than 6 layers.  Superfast decision making.
  3. Right Choices: Promotes the right people; no one is perfect so if a mistake has been made, promptly corrects it… recognizes a bad selection and takes corrective action. No fear of firing inappropriate ones and have enough courage to hire more brilliant employees than self.
  4. Transforming Vision into Objectives: The manager is an effective stimulant. Rousing others by example is his nature – have ability to articulate the company’s vision and so on. They blow positive energy in every meeting they attend.
  5. Superior start: They are always a step ahead to their competitors. They understand that well begun is half done!
  6. Can adapt: They have the ability to live with paradox and accept change. They have ability to fix the “fatal flaws.” They are open to constructive criticism.
  7. Can get it done: They take big decisions painlessly.  They are equipped to “pull the trigger” when the time comes. They talk less, do more and often say “Yes” or “No” and not “may be” – they are fully aware that as an organization’s philosophy they won’t be punished for honest mistakes.
  8. In focus: They have the ability to transform the data and information into results that can be acted upon.  They understand the leverage points like decisions and actions which really moves the needle. They keep their eye on the fish and not on anything else.
  9. Powerful instincts: They can take the right call whey they have limited information on their hands. They have a guiding “Gut.”
  10. No ego problems: Managers do not take themselves too seriously and take responsibility for their actions. They have maturity and values which guard them against normal ego problems.
  11. Swift execution: “Urgent” is their synonym – they have enough flow of energy who generate a sense of urgency towards accomplishing the set goal. They have quicker reflexes which generate vibes of swiftexecution.