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Let Love Happen

“Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead.” ~ Oscar Wilde

Have you ever experienced the greatest human sentiment called love? It is one of most elegant emotions a human being can ever experience.

Love - let it happen

Still many societies, communities, families, situations or thinking patterns tend to suppress it. They impose as if it were a foreign emotion…something external, but the truth is opposite.

Human beings are capable of it when they permit it. But often they do not because they don’t get it right.

As human beings, our prime duty is to make our souls happy and when we don’t let love to emerge within, how can we be happy?

We let fears fill our minds, develop different kinds of prejudices and take (or not take) actions that keep us away from that spontaneous, natural and divine feeling called love.

The moment you divide the world into yours and mine, good and bad, right and wrong, you associate many conditions to your love. That vary feeling subordinates to the external situations and it will be no longer natural, as it will get triggered when an external condition is true.

As spiritual beings on a human journey, we experience things through our five senses: sound, sight, touch, smell and taste. We do it through our body and mind.

The best body can ever achieve is pleasure and health. The best mind can ever achieve is bliss. When you love unconditionally, body and mind – both operate with intense energy and achieve its best.

Most people do not know these distinctions but they are capable of experiencing different types of emotions anyways: May it be anger, trust, distrust, respect, possessiveness, like, dislike or love.

These emotions fill most part of our lives. Love is the most fulfilling emotion amongst all.

Here, “Love” is not something about loving someone else; it is a blessing that is available to you. Like healthy body and blissful mind, it is a gift that you already have. Whether you allow yourself to use that gift or not is in your hands.

When you allow love to happen, you get connected with a completely different kind of energy.

Love is the door to heaven. But make sure you get it right – anyone can show you that door, but no one can open it for you. You’re the one who has to walk through it.

Go, let love happen. Act a child. Don’t judge. Things are just fine. Just play the game with 100% of your attention. Don’t focus on seizing the benefit, just experience who you are and let everyone around you notice it. Flow like a river.

Image Credit: Freedigitalphotos/Sira Anamwong