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The Money Talk

Last week, I was conversing with two guys who are the CXOs of their own software organizations. We were discussing about how the Software industry looks like in early 2013.

The common point of view was: The industry has become more challenging and what used to be easier in 2012 and earlier may not work in 2013 and beyond.

Apparently there are more challenges but more opportunities too.

Opportunities to go to the next level…to challenge the dominating premises, break fixed thinking patterns and come up with an innovative approach, easier to talk though.

The communication revolved around business and money. One of the guys talked about money thing more than anything else.

He was centered on what we call “The money talk”.

I know this guy personally. He is an execution oriented person and have created tremendous breakthrough in his business in past three years.

The other, more experienced guy said, “If you don’t feel bad, I’d like to give you a friendly input: I heard ‘money’ word more than 5 times in our past 10 minutes talk. I know you but people who do not know you may not understand and draw specific conclusions about you.”

“People might think that you are money-minded and all your decisions are based on the money perspective. They may be afraid of you and may not feel comfortable,” He added.

The other guy is a good listener and learner. He listened to the advice and said, “You have got a point!”

Then we departed to go to our home as it was dinner time.

That conversation gave me a thought, “It is not who we are, it is how people around us perceive us.”

The successful CXO whose center is money has achieved his success through that mindset only whereas the other, more experienced CXO, who appears to be more thoughtful was seeing at the conversation from a very different angle.

Perspective matters.

I don’t know if the money mindedness is good or not but I know that whosoever you are people would perceive you as they want regardless of who you are.

Wiser is to be careful in choosing our words therefore, isn’t it?