What I’m Doing Now

I’m in Ahmedabad, India. The Summer has begun. Unlike Winters, I have a distant relationship with Summers. Thanks to air conditioned everything (home, car office, cafes…) , I am successful in keeping away from the Summer.  ✨

Here’s the major activities I’m doing now, separated by type of activities.


utpal vaishnav

  1. A lot of unexpected things have been happening in FY 2017 starting April. Unexpected business events, unexpected break from writing, unexpected many things. While I am making it fun for myself, but for most people, such situations are not fun.
  2. I stopped eating Grains for little more than a month now. I am drinking warm water with ginger twice a day and practicing consciously when it comes to health: drinking more warm water, less sugar, more green tea and generally healthy diet. Exception? Sunday evenings!
  3. Saving 10% of my monthly income continues, now since the last year’s profits are declared, planning to invest in other businesses.
  4. Embracing awareness. Beyond a point, only learning that matters is the expansion of perceptions through next level of awareness. Trying to consciously do that.
  5. Not keeping up to date with writing my daily journal. Creative guys have challenge in practicing discipline (I know it is an excuse :p ).
  6. Meditating through immersing myself in the work I do. My present work is where my head, heart, and hands – all synchronize.
  7. Not updating my blogs: Self Help Zen on personal development, ScrumZen on Agile/Scrum and my personal blog – www.utpal.me.
  8. Writing my monthly column for Gujarati web magazine – WebGurjari. Their website had crashed so they are in the process of revamping.
  9. Paused the pre-promotion activities of my book – #SCRUMtweet.
  10. Planned a month long Europe trip which is a mix of leisure and business trip.
  11. I went on a bachelor trip along with my friends for life to Mt. Abu. Sure, I have been to Mt. Abu a countless number of times – but it was a fresh experience with my “chaddi-friends” – Parish, Anshu, Nishith and Chhayo 🙂 – Here is the pic taken just before taking lunch from a roof-top restaurant:
  12. June is the 8th month, since I am wearing a beard. My beard has become like a close family member who’s always stick to my smiles and tears. I am often asked when I will shave it. My reply? Once a specific milestone is achieved. What is the milestone? It’s a secret! :p


  1. Leading my Mobile App Consulting & Development Biz – Space-O Digicom.
  2. Building my Government funded startup – Yories, which is a storytelling platform for children.
  3. Working on a concept where Agile Solution Architects can solve problems ad-hoc problems related to business / technology solutions
  4. Consulting two different clients in the Healthcare niche about bringing their mobile app ideas to life.

Lifelong Learning (and teaching)

  1. Organizing & leading personal & professional skill development workshops known as UV’s LifeClass (e.g. On Critical Thinking, On Self-confidence, On Personal Branding)
  2. Teaching an aspiring Project Leader about how to lead the team and deliver results even when nothing is certain
  3. Paused working on my book on how to leverage social media for marketing your idea, product, service or yourself – name yet to be found
  4. Paused working on the business fiction which I am planning to write in 2017

Other than that, I am experiencing my life with a never-experienced awareness about who I am, what is my primary aim and the activities I should be doing if I am living my last hour on this earth.

Sure, the recent unexpected events have taken over a lot of my attention, but through all the activities I do now, I’m living my primary aim, which is to influence every being, humans or otherwise, discover, expand and operate at their peak potential.

If you’d like to get your mobile app (or any type of software) developed, organize a skill-development-workshop, need advice on your technology or e-commerce startup, have a request for a speaking engagement, or need life coaching, send an email to me on hello@utpal.me.

Last update date: Thursday, 15 June, 2017. (Page inspired by Leo Babauta and Derek Sivers.)