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What “Yes” Means

Let me ask this again: What "Yes" Means? I trust you I am available I think I will make that happen I have faith in my abilities to move ahead despite the challenges I am the person you think I am I have the skills you are looking for I am … [Read more]

October 2013 Redux

October 2013, a month of challenges and good things, both. While work wise the month was fulfilling, on personal front, had to deal with theft of my macbook and experience of going digitally bankrupt... Chief learning: We know so many things, but not … [Read more]

Building a Product Vs. Solving a Problem

"Building a Product Vs. Solving a Problem - Is this a valid question?" you might ask. Yes it is, here's why: "Let us focus on building a great product," you will hear this more often in the group of passionate startup entrepreneurs. But wait, … [Read more]

September 2013 Redux

September 2013, the month of lot of detailed oriented work. Sometimes it feels different when you have learned NOT to micromanage and you recognize a need to micromanage the things.  The question, whether to micromanage or not is not important but … [Read more]

The Disease called “Validate Everything”

It is like an ornament for the non-creators. They validate everything that they are supposed to do and always base their actions based on something that has happened before. They call it "fact" and from the perspective of that very fact, they work … [Read more]

My App Vs. Their App

When you say "my app" and they're "my userbase", you're concluding it wrong. Your app is not your app and your userbase is not your userbase. For example, I use WhatsApp and WhatsApp is my app, I don't care if it is from WhatsApp Inc. or … [Read more]

August 2013 Redux

August 2013, More and more events and more and more new experiences continue to happen. Here are the articles I wrote: From My Thought Stream The Vision Thing Hire doers. Managers come second.  It is okay to be fool sometimes My views … [Read more]

The Vision Thing

Same school. Same teachers. Same facilities. Same company. Same Processes. Same environment still some people do a great job while the others, just do a job. The difference? Ability to see. Ability to see is directly proportionate to your thinking … [Read more]

Hire Doers, Managers Come Second!

A startup founder needs what is called a burning desire to create something bigger than who the founders are. Many aspirant founders are sometimes confused about whether they should hire managers first. As startup, more often than not, you will … [Read more]

It is okay to be “the fool” sometimes …

People look forward to play smart in all what they do. Many Startup Founders are no different. They try to maximize their benefit while giving away as little as possible. It is not the only way. The other, better and richer way is not to worry … [Read more]