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Reading Books Vs. Collecting Books

I used to do it wrong. I was investing my energy in collecting books rather than in making something remarkable out of reading them. It was so dumb. And, I thought I was smart: I knew how to acquire the gems from which I'll learn one … [Read more]

Truth of App Development

How would you deal if you discover the truth of App Development? “Dear Stakeholder, the code I’m going to produce will take your App to a level you have never thought of. The code is not commented. I haven’t yet thought about making the code … [Read more]

Return On UX

You’ve heard about Return on Investment, I know. But have you heard about Return on User Experience or RoUX as I call it? Or, if you’ve heard, have your attentively thought about it? ROI is easy to measure. You invest your dollars, measure the … [Read more]

I am afraid that I will fail

But I am afraid of failure ... This is a sad thinking. Sad because it prevents you from taking actions. If you are "thinking" that you'll fail, it is most likely that you will. Better thought is, "What will I learn if I fail? Is the cost … [Read more]

Execute a Plan Vs. Execute With Agility

Do you love plans? Do you consider them as blueprint for your execution? Do you think that the more perfect your plan, better your chances of success? Consider the following tale which is true unfortunately: In 2011, Rick founded his startup … [Read more]

(Random) Never 12

Never ... Hand over an App to your client which is not tested well; Establish the expectation about who you are not, you're not going to deliver it; Try to prove that you were RIGHT and offer supporting "facts" that don't matter at the … [Read more]