Let Go

Are you holding on a relationship that’s not worth your time and energy?


We all know that our life is lived only once still we keep holding on relationships that do not shower us with love, empowerment and encouragement.

We “hope” that things will work out one day.

  • That friend who has gone kaput will again be my closest friend … one day.
  • That pretty girl will say yes to my marriage proposal … one day.
  • That bad customer will turn into good … one day.
  • My mother-in-law (or boss) will stop shouting at me … one day.

One day!

We keep waiting but the “one day” NEVER comes.

Or even if it comes, it comes at a time we’ve stopped waiting for it.

What’s the point?

So, today let go of every relationship – real or imaginary – that constantly hurts you – do not keep people in your life who do not motivate you, encourage you, enhance you and make you feel good for who you are.

Your present being is inclusive of them. Exclude them today from your life.

When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.

~ Lao Tzu

Let go.

Do not look back. Do not hold onto your past. Do not keep thinking about what you could have done differently.

It’s OK to move on. You owe it to yourself to move on. You owe it to yourself to be happy with the relationships you have …

The Minimalistc (Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan)

Let go.

Lori Deschane of Tiny Buddha has written a wonderful post called How to Let Go of a Past Relationship. Read it today. It provides useful insights on letting go.

Let go.

You will never regret your decision and the world will get a happier you … and you’ll enjoy it too!

Screw It, Let’s Do It!

“Screw It, Let’s Do It!” ~ Sir Richard Branson

This is one of the most powerful advices one could ever get. It’s powerful because it can change lives. It’s powerful because it works … however, it’s not so easy to make it work.

The reason is your #1 enemy who pretends to be your friend and lives inside you.

Outside enemies are relatively easy to deal with. You know who they are. You know what their intentions are. You know you have to be careful or you’re gone.

But the enemy inside you, the voice of procrastination and resistance, that’s the one you need to be eagle-eyed about.

Do not be friends with your enemy.

As it turns out, most of us have very generous hearts and we want to be friends with our enemies too including procrastination and resistance.

We act like an edgeless sword against it.

We let their charm take us over.

We let that voice lead.

Run. Walk away. Get off.

Screw that voice, let’s do it.

In Search of Self-Worth

Do you know what’s your self worth?

Are you in search of things that are beyond the logical boundaries of sorts?

Do you believe in …

your vision,
your co-founders,
your product idea …

… and your startup so deeply that others find your beliefs highly opinionated, unreasonable and outside the generally accepted norms?

If so, then chances are you might be creating your destiny in a way you won’t regret later.

But if your default is to never sound opinionated, unreasonable and you always strive to act within the accepted norms, then you’re probably not living your full potential.

Reflect on it. You would know What You Should be Doing Vs. What You’ve Been Doing is in harmony or not.

Hotchpotch of Wants

Do you cook hotchpotch daily?

Huh? What kind of question is this?

No one cooks hotchpotch daily.

If you cook and eat hotchpotch daily then you’ll stop enjoying its taste sooner than later.

Enter “to want” list – we keep adding more and more things to it and make a hotchpotch of it daily.

Here’s what we want, more and more: More money. More happiness. More love. More peace. More leisure.

And often here’s what we get: More debt. More despair. More neglect. More frustration. More burning.

Because we focus on getting more, we get more. But of wrong kind.

Greed costs.

What if we don’t focus on getting more at all?

What if we focus on not getting “more” of anything or “less” of anything?

What if we start living the life that’s not based on any such wants list but on how it unfolds and how we spontaneously respond to it.

Then we won’t have to eat the same hotchpotch everyday. Then we won’t have to witness the fight between our different and often opposite kinds of wants. Then we won’t have to worry about achieving something.

Then we will just breathe. And live.

“Breathe in that vital connection to the life source and sensual beauty everywhere. Feel loved and strong.” ~ Jay Woodman

Then we will experience the vital connection to life energy.

That life will be much different from what we are living… More agile. More spontaneous. More meaningful …

Probably better too … experience it on your own.

Startup Founders And Social Validation

What is your first response when you encounter a tremor?

You wonder if anyone else has also noticed the tremor. The need for “validation” is widespread and happens for incidents that don’t involve tremor as well.

If those in your group feel something, you’ll too. That’s the reason we look around before we start clapping on really good speech by that inspiring guest speaker. Why should it matter if people in  your group felt the way you did about the episode? Because it matters. A lot. Social validation matters.

Startup founders are no different.

They attend hackathons, tech meetups and try to network with every other startup founder in their area for that very reason – social validation.

Still why the startups that have won hackathons and mesmerised everyone else in a tech meetup don’t live up to the promise?

More or less, crux of whatever they talk about in such events comes to this:

“I’m riding the horse of uncertainty. I can see that you’re too. Just the color of my horse is pink and your’s is blue.  I’m cool at what I do. Pretty soon I’ll be successful; you might too!”

And they feel relaxed. They feel they’re doing something right even though the case might be exactly the opposite.

This observation from Seth Godin is so on-target:

“Action, even ineffective action, is something societies seek out during times of uncertainty.”

Sure, it’s natural. It’s human too. But it’s scary as well.

As they are more close to everyday uncertainties, startup founders tend to take more actions than others.

But sometimes more is not better. Only better is better. Again a profound thought from Seth.

Maybe, instead of attending one more similar startup community event, you might want to spend your Saturday noon making your product better.

Attend good startup events for sure – they provide great value. But do it for right reasons. If you’re doing it for social proof, then you might want to reconsider it.

Not more actions. Just the better ones.

The Perfect Time to Do the Exercise

The perfect time to do the exercise is when you don’t feel like doing it.

The perfect time to do the exercise is when you don’t feel like it will have an immediate positive impact on your belly fat.

The perfect time to exercise is when you have a choice not to do it.

The perfect time to exercise is when you have realized that doing exercise is important and it is more worth than the time, energy and efforts it will take.

Same is the case with learning a new skill or taking your spouse on an intentional date after 15 years of marriage.

Same is the case with doing anything that you consider important but you don’t have time to do it because of other “urgent” things at your hand.

Would you like to do the exercise today?

My website has lost some weight – feeling lean!

Let me confess this – I wasn’t very excited about how my website looked in 2014.


I knew that my website didn’t look bad. It wasn’t too cluttered and it was based on Genesis, an industry standard WordPress theme framework upon which I built a custom child theme in early 2013.

My website looked okay (except my photo in the middle as I was carrying 8 kg more weight than what I am today). It was mobile responsive. It loaded fast. It was search optimized and it just worked.

But I was feeling that the UX of my website could have been better.

“The more you know, the less you need.” ~ Yvon Chouinard, Let My People Go Surfing: The Education of a Reluctant Businessman

Obviously before two years, less I knew so more was needed!

If we don’t feel super excited about something, it ought to change. What’s the point of having something in our life that we’re not excited about?

I needed a more minimalistic and cleaner UX for my website that would look just cool on different devices … desktops, laptops, mobiles and tablets.

And, here comes this wonderful quote from Dylan:

“Life is more or less a lie, but then again, that’s exactly the way we want it to be.” ~ Bob Dylan

Earlier website was the way I wanted it to be earlier but now, I wanted to change it.

Yes, I’m attracted towards minimalism, lean and zen ways of experiencing life. I got exposed to it via Leo Babauta who made it big through his Zen Habits blog.

But I did not want to merely “copy” Leo’s blog theme, which he has made available for free. If I would copy anything from Leo, it would be his philosophy of life and bringing positive change in habits like he did. Inspiring!

Then last week, my friend Tanmay Vora, sent me this message:


I not only loved the new look of QAspire.com, I immediately knew that this is the look my sites have been waiting for so long.

Enter Independent Publisher WordPress theme and its insanely clean look.

Independent Publisher theme was result of countless hours spent by Raam Dev, a nomad engineer who has exposed himself to diverse experiences of life. Know more about Raam here.

And guess what? I changed the look and feel of my both the websites to Independent Publisher Theme.


Not only that, I got the site logos changed to a simpler, consistent and zen look thanks to KreativePencils, a graphic design studio, which my better half runs.

So yes, my website has lost weight. It feels lighter and leaner. And I’m excited about it.

Thanks Tanmay, Raam and Kavita for making my web assets more minimalistic. I hope to pay this debt sometimes later in my life.