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How to Find Out if Your Behaviour is Right?

Every behaviour gets something done ... ... or delays something that is to be done. Every word you speak, every sentence you write, every piece of code you test, every story you tell has only one purpose - to get something done. Purpose … [Read more]

Who Is Chief Hypnotizer In Your Team?

When creating an App, it’s apparent that a professional company will build an A-Team. The team will have: Engineers who are crazy about what they produce. An Architect whose  vision will make all the difference. A Project Manager who will … [Read more]

Cool Idea, Crappy App

When someone is using an App that is not easy for him to use, the App features and other benefits suddenly disappear. You need to be absolutely clear and specific about the user experience your App provides in order to make your App not only … [Read more]

Don’t Wish a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

The new year has begun and we keep getting messages from almost everyone we know that they wish us Happy and Prosperous New Year. Mechanically, we also wish a ton of people the same. The question is, have we ever given enough attention to our that … [Read more]

December 2013 Redux

Here are some articles I wrote in December 2013: From My Thought Stream Right Location, Wrong Menu If you don't execute, you can't fail The Absolute Right Thing On Personal Development and Self-Help Take Care of Yourself On … [Read more]

Right Location, Wrong Menu!

Are you someone who think: "Despite the fact that location of my restaurant is in the heart of city, I barely get customers. Repeat customers? Hell No. Maybe I should change the location. Maybe the location is cursed. Maybe ... Maybe I can focus on … [Read more]