(Random) Never 12

Never …

  1. Hand over an App to your client which is not tested well;
  2. Establish the expectation about who you are not, you’re not going to deliver it;
  3. Try to prove that you were RIGHT and offer supporting “facts” that don’t matter at the receiver’s end;
  4. Drink and drive;
  5. Ever underestimate the power of good UI;
  6. Do something because you feel it is right. Instead do what is right;
  7. Play while you work or work while you play;
  8. Say Die, Instead, say “Die Another Day!”;
  9. Choose any other phone over iPhone. If you don’t have an iPhone, YOU DON’T HAVE AN IPHONE! (Now this one is biased, we develop iPhone Apps  which have got thousands of users:) )
  10. Keep thinking for too long. If you want to do something for long, act!
  11. Ignore what Nicholas Bate has to say. It has value. A lot of.
  12. Never say, “Never!”

…because it is either NOW or NEVER. When it comes to getting it done, NOW is much better than NEVER.

How to Find Out if Your Behaviour is Right?

Every behaviour gets something done …

… or delays something that is to be done.

Every word you speak, every sentence you write, every piece of code you test, every story you tell has only one purpose – to get something done.

Purpose of your behaviour is NOT to showcase your skills, your knowledge of the facts or standards to be confirmed to, or whether you’re smart or committed.

Purpose of your behaviour is also not to prove if you were RIGHT or wrong.

Purpose of your behaviour is simple: it is to figure out/carry out/push forward/facilitate what you are going to do to get the ONE, most important thing done. The most important thing is the ONLY thing that matters out of hundreds of things that lie with it on your (and your organization’s) to-do platter.

If you want to argue, argue about how you can make it better.

If you want to disagree, show the value that your disagreement would bring.

But if your expression brings the negative energy in just to PROVE your point, then everyone loses.

It is a waste…it is a waste of your time; and it is a waste of the receiver’s time. It’s a waste for a simple reason: IT DOES NOT GET ANYTHING DONE.

If your expression does not get things done, it is of no use.  Since it is of no use, how can it be right?

The ONLY right behaviour is what contributes in making the most important thing done. At least in the start-ups, and did I mention that YOU are also a start-up called YOU Inc.?



Who Is Chief Hypnotizer In Your Team?

When creating an App, it’s apparent that a professional company will build an A-Team. The team will have:

  • Engineers who are crazy about what they produce.
  • An Architect whose  vision will make all the difference.
  • A Project Manager who will manage the development project.
  • A legal advisor who will ensure that you don’t break any copyrights, infringe patents and don’t break any other laws.
  • A finance guy who’ll own the “cost” thing and ensure that the App is ROI positive.
  • A marketing girl who knows the art of Jabs and hooks and will make the hell out of marketing the App via cross promotion channels, direct deals, social promotions and so on.

And a few more guys and gals who will do what it takes to make an A-team.

billi Who Is Chief Hypnotizer In Your Team?

But the question is, will they all run on their own?

Certainly not. You’ll need a Chief Hypnotizer.

Yes, Chief Hypnotizer!

Not just a get-it-done guy, or the one who’ll survive the project and will shift the ownership on someone else successfully, the one who’ll hypnotize all the A-list team members, push their limits and make an App that will be not only be loved by people, be used by them in such a way that will make the Company reach its goals.

So the question is, in your A-Team, who’s the Chief Hypnotizer? If you can’t answer it in next 10 seconds, then it is an opportunity for you to be one, no matter what other role you’re playing …

Cool Idea, Crappy App

When someone is using an App that is not easy for him to use, the App features and other benefits suddenly disappear.

You need to be absolutely clear and specific about the user experience your App provides in order to make your App not only understood by its users but loved.

The thing is, just about every mobile user uses one or the other crappy App. It is “crappy” because it doesn’t match their expectation.

As an App Developer, your ability to convey that your App is not crappy is not as powerful as you think it is.

Your App will be criticized. If it is critical that your App users loves your App, keep no stones unturned to have your App offer an experience that not only your users expect but make them feel wow!

If it is not critical that your user loves your App then what’s the point of creating such an App?

Because you had a “cool” idea? A cool idea is cool only when it is conveyed in a way that your Apps users want to experience it. It is worthless otherwise. Think for yourself.

Don’t Wish a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

The new year has begun and we keep getting messages from almost everyone we know that they wish us Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Mechanically, we also wish a ton of people the same. The question is, have we ever given enough attention to our that act?

Perhaps no.


We all know this. Out of hundreds of Happy New Year messages, only a few are really coming from the heart, rest all are coming out of just formalities.

Does formalities matter?

DSC 0409 Don’t Wish a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

To me, they don’t. So, if you don’t feel it, you don’t need to fake it.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with wishing well for someone. In fact, it is a divine act.

If the wishes are not coming from your heart, what you are giving away is your inauthentic self.

Does anyone want that?


Wish me happy new year only if you mean it genuinely and it is reflection of your authentic self. I value is a lot.

Think for yourself and let’s begin a stunning 2014!

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Right Location, Wrong Menu!

Are you someone who think:

“Despite the fact that location of my restaurant is in the heart of city, I barely get customers. Repeat customers? Hell No. Maybe I should change the location. Maybe the location is cursed. Maybe … Maybe I can focus on catering side business so that the $$$ I pay to the chef and support staff can be justified.”

Do these thoughts sound similar?

If yes, you need to seriously consider something: Only the “Right” location is not enough, you need the RIGHT menu too.

And, did I tell you that your right menu is made not only of the food items you serve; it includes  right interior, right chef, right customer service directors (Yes, I’m referring to attendants and waiters!) and of course, great customer service.

We don’t live in 2002. This is 2013 and we’re welcoming 2014. We are competing with people who have ample resources, better understanding of the subject and wider marketing capabilities that get attention.

Just Spray and pray won’t work.

So, how should you operate your business? 

By adding value.

Not just by adding value, by adding GREAT value.

How do you add great value?

Understand your customer’s needs. Make unique dishes for them. Offer them your best dish that is best not because you think it is best but because your customer thinks it is best for her.

Create products and services that serve your customer’s needs like no one else does and make offers that are opportunities for your customers.

How do you figure out what’s your customers’ needs?

By learning minute things about your customer behavior. If a customer likes All Vegetables Pizza then she might like Onion Capsicum Pizza with Sun-dried tomatos. Well, there are chances.

Make decisions for your customer and assume the risks of such decisions. Make your customer a fan of your decisions, not just dishes.

q 19dec2013 1 Right Location, Wrong Menu!

“But understanding customer’s needs is difficult,” You might argue.

Indeed it is. But when you solve that problem, you make your business thrive.

Before 30 years, it was more difficult to enter a new business. Today, it is not. Your unique differentiator will be the experience you will provide, not just the location of your restaurant or the products, which are on your menu.

So it is obvious that you are facing tough competition. No mediocre products will survive for long. You need to push your limits and enter the greater depth of what services you offer.

It is easy to copy menu from one restaurant to the other, it is extremely difficult to copy the user experience from the other restaurant. That’s where you win!

This applies to every business on the planet. May it be offline or online. May it be restaurant or an Online e-commerce Store, the principles remain the same. Run an extra mile or you have begun to lose the battle.

Figure out how you will run an extra mile. Remember, there are no traffic jams on extra mile and that’s actually a good news.

If you don’t execute, you can’t fail!

It sounds silly when you say it that way: if you don’t execute, you can’t fail!

But naturally, it is silly. It’s the reason you’re hindering.

On the other hand, there’s no doubt that, “If you don’t execute, you are already failed.”

Not executing and not failing are exactly the same aftermath, with different words. Think for yourself.

The Absolute Right Thing

Consciously or not, everyone searches for it but only a few have figured that out: The ABSOLUTE right thing.

The problem with the absolute right thing is that you don’t know it beforehand.

That’s how the absolute right things work. They are not evident because they’re easy to discover, they’re evident because they have been figured out.

q 09dec2013 11 The Absolute Right Thing

When Rovio thought of Angry Birds, it was not the absolute right thing. They created Angry Birds and made it right.

Investing your energies to find out the right thing is a waste. Much better is to do what you believe in, take some actions, inspect the outcomes, learn from it, expand your beliefs and take some more actions.

Waiting for the absolute right thing is favorite time-pass for people who do not want to assume – or who are not capable of assuming – the ownership of their own life and make something happen.

Choose to do otherwise. Perfect world does not exist. Absolute Right Things are not ABSOLUTE RIGHT THINGS unless they are discovered to be right. A not so easy but useful distinction to have.


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