Have You Discovered Your Dharma?

Discoveries begin with right kind of questioning.

So let’s begin:

  • Why are you here?
  • What’s your destiny?
  • Is anything beyond just chasing numbers?
  • Who you really are?
  • Are you sure you’re on your right career path?
  • What’s your life calling?

Dharma is a substantial version of what you call your ‘Life Purpose’. Fundamentally, the highest dharma is to recognize the Truth in one’s own heart, to fully realize one’s True Self.

When you discover your life purpose, you break free from so-called social programming, letting go the need to look good and discover your life purpose.

Life is ever new, ever-changing and dynamic. What you may think your life purpose today, can be out the window tomorrow. Is there a  security in the traditional definition of what they call a life calling?

The book from Shivani SinghDiscover Your Dharma – unveils ten secrets to overcoming nagging sense of discontentment that plagues your soul.  Through a systematic, concrete and powerful process, this book helps you answer this fundamental question– What is the right action to take now?

This self-help book turns out to be a workbook as well as it offers a series of journaling exercises that help you achieve what the book title promises.

This book will not tell you what your Dharma is. No external source can. Rather, it will provide you the mechanisms towards realizing the answers to your highest calling that have been there along.

To leverage the wisdom that this book offers, you just need to have a pen, a journal, Discover Your Dharma Soundtrack, a music player and 5-10 minutes of your time.

In order for your endeavor to make a difference,  indeed, this book is an effective tool that encourages massive actions in the right direction.

#QUALITYtweet – 140 Bite Sized Ideas To Deliver Quality In Every Project | By Tanmay Vora

I’m enjoying #QUALITYtweet book since when it was being authored as an early reviewer. And… the journey has been fantastic!

It’s a bite sized qualitative approach to deal with anti-bite sized subjects like people, process and leadership.

Here are a select thought provoking ideas which I enjoyed in this book.

  • #QUALITYtweet 53: Critical question: when did you last assess how your customers, suppliers, and people perceive you? (People & Quality)
  • #QUALITYtweet 70: Correction helps you SURVIVE in the short term. Prevention helps you SUSTAIN in the long term. (Process & Quality)
  • #QUALITYtweet 92: You can improve a lot in areas that have no tangible business impact. That’s a waste. Pick the right areas for improvement. (Management, Leadership & Quality)

This book can be bought for less than $20 which is worth investing for such an invaluable resource on quality. Here are a few possible applications of this book:

  • To teach the distinction “quality” to people at almost every level of the organization.
  • As an inspiration for building quality centric business frameworks based on distinct philosophy exhibited by the author.
  • To start or conclude a business presentation which can directly or indirectly being influenced by the quality as a subject.
  • In some of the non-business-centric personal projects where you would love to ensure quality – e.g. managing marriages, parties or anything which involves people.
  • In any project which is expected to be succeeded

Author of this book, Tanmay Vora blogs at QAspire where similar insights on quality can be enjoyed. Editor of this book,  Rajesh Setty is not new for the readers of this blog. Flavors of  Life Beyond Code can also be enjoyed in his profound editing.

Thanks Tanmay for such a fantastic gift to the world.