Force Google Chrome to Remember Input Fields No Matter What

When you use Google Chrome to browse the web and log into a website or a blog, your life becomes easier.

When you visit the site for the first time, Google Chrome prompts to remember input fields such as username and password and upon acceptance, Google Chrome saves the input field values internally.

Next time onwards whenever you log into the site, it will automatically fill the username and password fields for you.

You don’t have to remember the usernames and passwords for 100 different sites that you visit. You get to what matters to you in no time.

It’s a huge timesaver.

However, some websites such as Payment Gateway sites through which you perform financial transactions, restrict Google Chrome to remember the username and password fields.

For example, when I use PayPal to pay my bills, I don’t get my Chrome to remember its field values.

Same is the case with some bank’s website and other payment gateways such as Stripe.

Good security, ah?

Well, this is my personal laptop, which is locked with login password which only I know. I don’t need this level of security to pay a just $100 bill. All I need is that I should be able to quickly fill the form, pay my bills and move on to next important task.

Google Chrome Remember Password Extension

Enter Remember Password, an interesting Chrome Extension which forces the Chrome browser to remember passwords even if the site has disabled the feature.

The extension is from CtrlQ and was released in April 2014.

Some people have reported that it didn’t work with their needs but still, I’d say it is a good concept and I hope to see it evolve further.

Worth checking out!