Startup India

Has Indian startup eco-system seen a better initiative than this? Startup India Standup India?

With Government of India’s Startup India, Standup India initiative, that is intended to build a strong ecosystem for nurturing innovation and Startups in the country, I am seeing the Sun of new hopes for creating something on the face of an uncertain next.

Since the thought of building the Startup ecosystem has got attention from the Government, the economy is going to be benefited from it. You get better at what you focus on!


  1. Rs. 10,000 crore fund for startups
  2. A single point of registration for startups
  3. A simplified regulatory regime based on self-certification
  4. A fast-track mechanism filing patent applications
  5. A credit guarantee fund for startups
  6. Tax exemption for three years, and capital gains
  7. A Startup India Hub for collaboration
  8. Relaxed norms of public-procurement
  9. Faster exits for startups
  10. Atal Innovation Mission to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation
  11. Innovation focused programs for students
  12. An annual incubator grand challenge

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With this initiative, I visualize that the Indian youth will get better at creating more rather than complying and consuming.

Still today, many smart grads think that since they’ve finished their degree of education, they should get a higher paying job if they “comply” to the set standards and commonly accepted norms. Not an effective strategy in 2016. A better way is to create something that only you can create. Be a Linchpin!

Why it is a better way?

Because you will be the first in your own creation. Rather than worrying about getting chosen, you will be able to choose!

Is it a silver bullet?

No, it is not and I am sure this initiative will pass through iterations and improvements in its due course but this is the nature of any new creation … and guess what, effective startup founders are comfortable dealing with uncomfortable situations with ease. Be one.

Opportunity is to focus less on compliance and more on creation … create something today. Let us Start-Up India!

The 4 enablers of excellence

We all want to be successful. The excellence, as it turns out, is the vehicle to achieve success.

So what it takes to achieve the success? What are the 4 pillars? What are the four enablers of excellence? Here they go:

  1. Essence: “I chose because that’s how I live my purpose. I’m responsible.” 
  2. Ownership: “I’ll make it happen no matter what.”
  3. Gratitude: “I’m thankful for all what I’ve got. Now let me give something back without expecting anything in return.”
  4. Courage: “If I don’t try, I can’t fail. But then what’s the point? Fear? Sure I do have my share of it. But I choose to feel the fear but do it anyway.”

We were born excellent. Fearless. We had all the above qualities although we did not have the distinction that lets us know that our core is made of pure excellence.

Then they taught us to be obedient. They gave us rules to live by…a sense of right and wrong from the perspective of society. Stories of punishments we will get if we don’t follow the rules became a part of our lives.

What they did not teach us was this understanding: it’s okay to break the rules; it’s okay to create your own rules…and be responsible for what you’ve created!

The result? Mediocre we. Yes, you. And me!

They were none other than our beloved family members, school teachers, elderly people whom we respected in society and alike.

They wanted to see us happy but their understanding of happiness was against bringing the “excellence” out from us.

Their definition of happiness was fulfilled if we get a “secured” job which was predictable enough to raise children, go to Europe tour once or (twice at a maximum) in a lifetime and live an apparently “settled” life.

Now, nothing is wrong with that definition if we are okay with mediocrity. Excellence takes something else.

The choice has always been ours; the choice will always be ours: we can choose to dance on the head of fear and get the sh*t done or let fear dance on top of us.

A choice well made is a choice which we won’t regret on our deathbed. What choice do you want to make?

Take care of yourself

Who will take care of yourself if not you?

You take care of yourself when you feel good about yourself. You can’t influence anyone if you don’t feel good about yourself. You can’t be positive energy to someone if you don’t possess positive energy.

Take care of yourself: put your oxygen mask first.

The logic is clear: if you can’t breathe, how can you help someone else breathe?

If you don’t take care of yourself, you will be at mercy of others to take care of yourself.

  • When you are at mercy of others, you won’t be proud of yourself.
  • When you’re not proud of yourself, your confidence will keep away from you.
  • When you’re not confident, you won’t believe in your own abilities.
  • When you don’t trust our own abilities, you act based on fears.
  • Your every act based on fear will keep you a mile away from your true self.

Being away from your true self is the greatest curse that a human being can have.

Don’t do that. Instead, take care of yourself :).

Doesn’t matter if you are not successful. Doesn’t matter if you’re not good looking. Doesn’t matter if you do not have great degrees from Harvard.

You don’t need all of these to take care of yourself; all you need to do is to believe that you can.

Invest in your own self. Gain more knowledge. Date with nature. Get into great shape. Read motivational books, watch inspirational videos and go through autobiographies that inspire. Work like a captain; play like a pirate. Enjoy every bit of life in all what you do.

Taking your own care is the most unselfish act. People who do not take care of themselves often fall into a trap of inferiority complex and engage in acts that are not only harmful to others but their own self.

Such people cannot face the realities of their life. And, people who cannot face the realities of their life often do the things that they regret.

Don’t be such a person.

Or even if you know you are such a person, the good news is that you can change yourself for your own good. Consider what Nido Qubein said:

Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.

Start taking care of yourself today and make the world a better place.

Stop being perfect

Are you a perfectionist?

Have you ever encountered a feeling where you find yourself pissed off because something is not working as it should?

Do you think that success is deliberately keeping away from you despite your good talent?

Have you experienced situations similar to what Chris encountered in below tale? Read on:

Talented Chris

Chris was an accomplished graphic artist. His artistic eyes could see what was usually not seen by the most.

He had a taste. He was smart. He had a business sense too and in his job, his superiors were happy with his work and so were his clients.

Chris seemed to have all the talents and skills to create the graphic design studio he had always dreamt of.

He had created a Business Plan; prioritized what needed to get done and started executing the plan.

Something is not working out

It has been one year now since Chris got the idea of starting on his own but he is not even halfway.

The reason? Chris set extremely high standards because of his “perfectionist” nature.

Chris set the standard that his office should be located in the richest area of the city, the BEST interior designer in the country should work for decorating his office and his specifics have to be 100% respected while procuring the office equipment.

The interior designer got convinced to work on Chris’s project but she was booked for several months so Chris had to wait. A compromise was not in his nature.

He also wanted to hire the best of the best artists for his studio.

He could inspire a couple of artists with his enthusiasm but since it took a lot of time to materialize, they lost interest and moved on.

More or less same things repeated and only a few things got done in the whole year. When Chris got the dates of an interior decorator, he had so many inputs and strong opinions that the interior decorator got upset and conveyed that she does not want to work on Chris’s project.

Reflection Time

One year of time and nothing accomplished. It is a heavy evening along with sad Chris reflecting on what went wrong.

Despite being so talented, full of energy and enthusiastic, what is keeping him away from achieving his dream?

I have seen it happening with many people around me.

We set an extremely high expectation for ourselves, our team and the work we are producing.

We dedicate the humongous amount of time, money and energy to maintain our high standards. Our passion for perfection drives us to produce expected results.

When we tend to be perfect, we think that stopping and giving way are not good things.

Often this dedication towards perfection helps us produce results… as long as we don’t get swept away with such perfectionism.

But, what happens when we get swept away with such perfectionism?

We become extremely unhappy when we fail to meet the insane goals we set for ourselves.

We experience an intense form of rejection and become hesitant to take on new challenges or continue projects that are ongoing.

The outcome? Stress. Ill health. Loss of trust in our own abilities and feeling of sorrow for our own self.

Stop Being Perfect.

Perfectionism is an illness. Perfectionists have a difficult time starting things and even more difficult time finishing them, every single time.

Perfectionism is the enemy of success.

Success comes to people who get things done. Getting things done means accepting imperfect things almost all the time that can get the work done.

Much better is to keep moving with less than perfect things while excelling ourselves by practicing.

Choose to be imperfect instead.

At first, it seems counter-intuitive but it is not. We often don’t ship things because we are trying to figure out the BEST possible way to ship.

Time spent in shipping, gathering feedback, and making your project better is time better spent than time spent in figuring out the best way to ship for the first time.

The key, as it turns out, is to figure out what amount of “imperfection” will work for your project and keep moving.

Sure, it’s not an easy skill but if we practice it over and over again, chances are pretty high that we will be able to get more things done despite choosing imperfection over perfection …

Getting things done plays the most important role in achieving success, being perfect does not.

Who do you want to be? Being successful or being perfect? Think for yourself.


How to deal with people who irritate you?

Think of a person who irritated you recently.

Who is that person? Your colleague, spouse, children, friend, mother-in-law, neighbor or a political leader … who?

How was your state of irritation felt like?

Was it a state of being annoyed, impatient, devastated or being angry? What?

We feel irritated when our expectations are not fulfilled. Expectations such as someone will do something or will not do something.

So, how to deal with people who irritate you?

First, deal with your inner self and establish peace with your expectation.

Second, I encourage you to pause for a moment and give a mental hug to the person who you think had caused your irritation.

Here’s the reason: people who irritate you reveal your limiting beliefs, fears, and false assumptions. They pinpoint you toward the weaknesses that are holding you back in your life.

Let me rephrase it – your ability to get irritated is actually a limitation. The power is within you, not with them. They said or did whatever they had to. You could not handle the situation and felt irritated.

Reflect on what Stephen Covey wrote:

Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space lies our freedom and power to choose our response. In those choices lie our growth and our happiness.

Did you utilize the space between stimulus and response and chose to be irritated?

I guess not, am I wrong?

Here’s an idea that will change your life for good: Thank people who irritate you and think about the underlining expectation that was not met. Give them a mental hug.

Your real problem is not the people who irritate you, it is the expectation. Do something to solve that problem. Feeling irritated is a waste of time. It suggests that your control is with other people, not you.

You are so dependent. Choose to be independent first and then interdependent.

Stephen Covey has suggested in his masterpiece, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, that we pass through the stages of dependency, independence, and inter-dependency. When we were the child we were dependent when we become young, we become independent, when we grow in life, we become interdependent.

When we are dependent we think that YOU did wrong things to me.

When we are independent we think that I did whatever I did. I know how to deal with things.

When we are interdependent we think that WE will do something that neither you nor I alone would achieve.

So I ask you to take a step forward and be independent. The first step in becoming independent is to face your fears. To face your fears, you need to assume unconditional ownership of your actions. If you don’t do that, your fears become powerful and hold you back.

Feeling irritated is a personal weakness. The good thing about that is that you have recognized it now so you will do something about it.

On possibility and action

Imagine if the possibility and action are living beings and having the following dialog:

“You came to my life and inspired me to transform into you…but now I got that you’re not mine. Fear can influence you as well.  I wanted you to be mine only but you cannot even though it seems you want to. I must get back to who I was…pure form of possibility,” Possibility said to Action.

“I know that you, the possibility and the fear – both want to conquer me. But why you’re giving up?”

“I’m the possibility. I don’t have a good relationship with the fear.  I want to have you on my side, I want to live for the sole purpose of transforming myself into you but you don’t get it… you get influenced by the fear as well…”

“I know I can get influenced by the fear or by you but do you know that without you, I will remain just a meaningless form of mine… I was expecting you to take over me and leave no room for the fear to even interact with me…”

“No. I don’t have those abilities. I’m just a possibility.  I can’t influence you. You have to figure out a way to influence yourself and be with me forever…”

In fight between possibility and action, both lose. Action wants to be led by the possibility but he cannot. Possibility wants to transform herself into actions but she cannot.

The problem is not with the possibility or the action. The problem is with us. We don’t let the possibility transform into action. We let our fears take the better of us.

We are afraid of so many things that might never happen.

We disserve ourselves by keeping the possibility and actions away.

The devils of fears are eager to conquer the world of action and make the world a place worth not living.

It is up to us. Let’s allow the possibility, not the fear, to lead our lives and empower them by active actions and make the world a better place.