Stop being perfect

Are you a perfectionist?

Have you ever encountered a feeling where you find yourself pissed off because something is not working as it should?

Do you think that success is deliberately keeping away from you despite your good talent?

Have you experienced situations similar to what Chris encountered in below tale? Read on:

Talented Chris

Chris was an accomplished graphic artist. His artistic eyes could see what was usually not seen by the most.

He had a taste. He was smart. He had a business sense too and in his job, his superiors were happy with his work and so were his clients.

Chris seemed to have all the talents and skills to create the graphic design studio he had always dreamt of.

He had created a Business Plan; prioritized what needed to get done and started executing the plan.

Something is not working out

It has been one year now since Chris got the idea of starting on his own but he is not even halfway.

The reason? Chris set extremely high standards because of his “perfectionist” nature.

Chris set the standard that his office should be located in the richest area of the city, the BEST interior designer in the country should work for decorating his office and his specifics have to be 100% respected while procuring the office equipment.

The interior designer got convinced to work on Chris’s project but she was booked for several months so Chris had to wait. A compromise was not in his nature.

He also wanted to hire the best of the best artists for his studio.

He could inspire a couple of artists with his enthusiasm but since it took a lot of time to materialize, they lost interest and moved on.

More or less same things repeated and only a few things got done in the whole year. When Chris got the dates of an interior decorator, he had so many inputs and strong opinions that the interior decorator got upset and conveyed that she does not want to work on Chris’s project.

Reflection Time

One year of time and nothing accomplished. It is a heavy evening along with sad Chris reflecting on what went wrong.

Despite being so talented, full of energy and enthusiastic, what is keeping him away from achieving his dream?

I have seen it happening with many people around me.

We set an extremely high expectation for ourselves, our team and the work we are producing.

We dedicate the humongous amount of time, money and energy to maintain our high standards. Our passion for perfection drives us to produce expected results.

When we tend to be perfect, we think that stopping and giving way are not good things.

Often this dedication towards perfection helps us produce results… as long as we don’t get swept away with such perfectionism.

But, what happens when we get swept away with such perfectionism?

We become extremely unhappy when we fail to meet the insane goals we set for ourselves.

We experience an intense form of rejection and become hesitant to take on new challenges or continue projects that are ongoing.

The outcome? Stress. Ill health. Loss of trust in our own abilities and feeling of sorrow for our own self.

Stop Being Perfect.

Perfectionism is an illness. Perfectionists have a difficult time starting things and even more difficult time finishing them, every single time.

Perfectionism is the enemy of success.

Success comes to people who get things done. Getting things done means accepting imperfect things almost all the time that can get the work done.

Much better is to keep moving with less than perfect things while excelling ourselves by practicing.

Choose to be imperfect instead.

At first, it seems counter-intuitive but it is not. We often don’t ship things because we are trying to figure out the BEST possible way to ship.

Time spent in shipping, gathering feedback, and making your project better is time better spent than time spent in figuring out the best way to ship for the first time.

The key, as it turns out, is to figure out what amount of “imperfection” will work for your project and keep moving.

Sure, it’s not an easy skill but if we practice it over and over again, chances are pretty high that we will be able to get more things done despite choosing imperfection over perfection …

Getting things done plays the most important role in achieving success, being perfect does not.

Who do you want to be? Being successful or being perfect? Think for yourself.

7 Sunday questions to muse upon

Given the Sunday is an off day, isn’t it good if we give some time to reflect upon the quality of the past week and what we can do to make it even better.

  1. Did I learn anything new last week? – No? Okay, better something this week then.
  2. What was my accomplishment of the week? – Do I feel more confident now?
  3. Was the last week stressful? – Yes? Was the stress worth taking?
  4. What made a positive difference in my thinking last week? – Was it a book? A blog post? A discussion with a colleague or mentor? Any other experience? What was that?
  5. Did my health support me well in doing whatever I’m doing?
  6. Did I listen to my favorite music last week?
  7. How would I like to spend my coming week if this would be the last week of my life?

7 beliefs that can help you to be a successful person

What’s the best side of life?

It’s something you’d like to be in. its something that you’d like to hold forever. Its something you’ve had always dreamt about.

Photo Credit: Search Engine People Blog’s Flickr photostream

So, if you want to really be on the best side of your life then you need to act with that intent. Actions bring consequences and the kind of actions you take depends deeply on your belief system.

What you believe is what you get, isn’t it?

Here are a few beliefs, which, when practiced will lead you to the best side of your life:

  1. Failure is at the far side of success: It doesn’t matter if you haven’t got a 95% exam score or you aren’t considered the best sportsperson in your team. If you have persistence, you will eventually succeed. Almost all successful people have experienced intense failure in their lives… but they persisted… persisted till success came to them.
  2. Successful is the one who embraces changes: Changes are constant and cannot be handled just by sitting aside. Even if you like or don’t you have to accept changes every now and then. Considering you’re older than 3 years, today you can not see your version of the time when you were 3 years old… why? Because of change. Time has changed you…and you have accepted it knowing or unknowingly… so why not embrace it now?
  3. Will is better than formal education degrees: Neither Bill Gates nor Dhirubhai Ambani got formal education degrees but they created massive success. Do you know what they had in common? Strong will.  They were not bound to what others had created thus far… they raised themselves larger than the education systems and created something which was never created before. The point here is to affirm that you’re not limited by your college degrees or something. You still have enough potential to be successful.
  4. I’ll never grow too old to learn a new thing: Is age anything more than a number? As you grow old, it is essential to learn “to unlearn” whatever you have learned so far… you cannot afford to let the ‘child within you’ die.
  5. Thou extraordinary being is me: Each one of us is gifted with a special talent. Those who have identified that talent and leveraged it are recognized as extraordinary persons. You have to just find that unique talent within yourself. Start with this question, “What is one thing that I can do that no one else can?”
  6. The world rotates around me: Its all in your head. Your world is what’s in your head. When you change your thoughts, your world changes. When you start believing in yourself, the world also starts believing in you… this is the secret of law of attraction. Even if you’re not sure if it works or not, there is no harm in trying!
  7. There’s something I can do about it: Understand this quote by Henry Ford, “When you think you can or you can’t, you’re right!”  If you think it that way, you will always be about to find out something that you can do about a certain situation. Look forward to do that!


25 Ways to Motivate Your People Without Giving Financial Rewards!

In an organization, many middle managers feel helpless in motivating their team members because they do not have the authority to give their team any financial rewards.

Not true. Here are some non-financial ways to reward your team members:

  1. Smile;
  2. Thank them;
  3. Give them some time off;
  4. Give them an opportunity to work on interesting projects;
  5. Inspire them to take a course or learn a new language;
  6. Offer a meal out;
  7. Send them an “I appreciate you!” handwritten card;
  8. Send them an email recognizing their contribution and cc the planet (well, not the planet but enough people who would notice it)
  9. Give them an award;
  10. Gift them a badge/pin/tie;
  11. Share an insightful book with them;
  12. Give them some Chocolates;
  13. Sponsor them movie tickets;
  14. Give them genuine compliments in public;
  15. Give them Assertive feedback on their work-performance;
  16. Invite them to a coffee or lunch;
  17. Give them solicitations for advice;
  18. Give them recognition in a company publication;
  19. Engage them in a job with more responsibilities;
  20. Make a joint visit to a supplier or customer;
  21. Offer them extended breaks;
  22. Inspire them to work on a personal project;
  23. Allow them to use any equipment/machinery;
  24. Offer them to make a presentation for a demo/meeting;
  25. Encourage them to attend a conference/seminar;

There are various ways to motivate your people. Above are a few, if you know any specific way and would like to share it with me, please feel free to do so!