Are There Failures Or Just The Growth Opportunities?

It’s not so hard to beat your execution team for the failures they have caused.  So many organizations live in the past rather than getting the best from the present and building a luminous future. Some organizations stuck for years over something they did or a failure they’ve experienced.  Gloomy.  A business is a terrible thing to waste on such things.

Here’s the critical question:  “Is there really such thing as a failure?”

Does anybody try to fail or muddle things up? Especially when you’ve hired them after competitive interview rounds and trained them to perform at their best?

Every so called “failure” is essentially a affluent source of learning… an opportunity to put together more responsiveness and understanding… converting the causes of failure into something which the organization can benefit from at its next encounter…an experience that will help the organization do, feel and be even better.

So aren’t such failures just the growth lessons and the organization that experiences the most stay successful in the long run?