Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Mobile Friendly website…? Is there an option NOT to have a mobile friendly website these days?

Non-mobile-friendly website means drop in organic search traffic.

You cannot afford it, can you?

When you search Google from your cell-phone, Google will show you a markup that says if the site is Mobile Friendly or not.

From a mobile device, search for your own site and if you’re not seeing the tag called ‘Mobile Friendly’ around your site’s listing, it means your website developers have some work to do.

Here’s how to quickly find out if your site is Mobile Friendly or not:

  1. Open your mobile phone’s web browser
  2. Go to and search
  3. Check if the Mobile Friendly tag is displayed around the web pages that are returned in the search result

Google also offers a utility as a part of webmaster tools which you can use to find out if Google considers your site mobile friendly. It would be good to run it against all the pages of your website.

“Responsive Website Design is the answer,” you will say. But that’s not enough.

Have your site responsive for sure but check its performance for usability also. If your site uses Videos then ensure that they are embedded using a mobile-friendly way.

Best mobile friendly website is not just responsive but offers best usability and user experience.

Hubspot’s website grader is a great tool that will help you find out lot of improvement possibilities about your website. If you haven’t checked it yet, it’s worth your time.

Another tool to determine speed of page loading is Google’s PageSpeed tool. It can be accessed by following this link.