The “Caste” Question

Which caste do you belong to?

As offending and silly as it sounds, I have seen people asking this question even in 2013.

Yes, even in 2013!

A couple of days ago, an elderly local businessman, asked me this question.

“I’m a human being consciously trying to be a better soul than who I am today,” was my reply.

The elderly local businessman did not feel very good of my answer but I think my answer reflected what I believe and I’m glad about it.

If you are judged by the caste you are born in, it’s a problem.

Not just a problem with people asking such questions but a problem with the society that has been created (and still functional) based on such discriminations.

Better discrimination is: the difference you make in this world.

Not what comes out as an answer of the “caste” question.

I’d be more than happy if the elderly businessman would have asked me this question, “What positive difference have you made in people’s lives to date?”

People’s caste should not be their judging factor but their deeds should be.

Often not practiced but it will, soon.

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