My website has lost some weight – feeling lean!

Let me confess this – I wasn’t very excited about how my website looked in 2014.


I knew that my website didn’t look bad. It wasn’t too cluttered and it was based on Genesis, an industry standard WordPress theme framework upon which I built a custom child theme in early 2013.

My website looked okay (except my photo in the middle as I was carrying 8 kg more weight than what I am today). It was mobile responsive. It loaded fast. It was search optimized and it just worked.

But I was feeling that the UX of my website could have been better.

“The more you know, the less you need.” ~ Yvon Chouinard, Let My People Go Surfing: The Education of a Reluctant Businessman

Obviously before two years, less I knew so more was needed!

If we don’t feel super excited about something, it ought to change. What’s the point of having something in our life that we’re not excited about?

I needed a more minimalistic and cleaner UX for my website that would look just cool on different devices … desktops, laptops, mobiles and tablets.

And, here comes this wonderful quote from Dylan:

“Life is more or less a lie, but then again, that’s exactly the way we want it to be.” ~ Bob Dylan

Earlier website was the way I wanted it to be earlier but now, I wanted to change it.

Yes, I’m attracted towards minimalism, lean and zen ways of experiencing life. I got exposed to it via Leo Babauta who made it big through his Zen Habits blog.

But I did not want to merely “copy” Leo’s blog theme, which he has made available for free. If I would copy anything from Leo, it would be his philosophy of life and bringing positive change in habits like he did. Inspiring!

Then last week, my friend Tanmay Vora, sent me this message:


I not only loved the new look of, I immediately knew that this is the look my sites have been waiting for so long.

Enter Independent Publisher WordPress theme and its insanely clean look.

Independent Publisher theme was result of countless hours spent by Raam Dev, a nomad engineer who has exposed himself to diverse experiences of life. Know more about Raam here.

And guess what? I changed the look and feel of my both the websites to Independent Publisher Theme.


Not only that, I got the site logos changed to a simpler, consistent and zen look thanks to KreativePencils, a graphic design studio, which my better half runs.

So yes, my website has lost weight. It feels lighter and leaner. And I’m excited about it.

Thanks Tanmay, Raam and Kavita for making my web assets more minimalistic. I hope to pay this debt sometimes later in my life.

Reading Books Vs. Collecting Books

I used to do it wrong.

I was investing my energy in collecting books rather than in making something remarkable out of reading them.

It was so dumb.

And, I thought I was smart: I knew how to acquire the gems from which I’ll learn one day.

The thought of “Learning One Day…” was fascinating but not very helpful.

Better thought, as it turned out, was to pick one good book, read it till you get the crux of it, apply what you have learned from it in your life and let the book go.

Once the right thought picked my attention, I immediately aligned myself and altered my book collection habit.

Any guess what would have happened?

I saved over 300 hours last year from merely skimming through and collecting books.

I invested those hours and learning from select few books. And applying them.

Collecting more books is a bad goal to have. Making something remarkable out of one that you own (or even don’t own) is good!

Same logic applies to bookmarking blog posts, saving videos for later views, or buying more shirts than we really need.

If we invest our energy in collecting, we’ll end up being a good collector. But, if we invest our energy in applying our learned knowledge in the day-to-day challenges we are dealing with, we end up being a good executor.

I made a choice between being a better collector vs. being a better executor.

What about you? Better late than never.

How to Find Out if Your Behaviour is Right?

Every behaviour gets something done …

… or delays something that is to be done.

Every word you speak, every sentence you write, every piece of code you test, every story you tell has only one purpose – to get something done.

Purpose of your behaviour is NOT to showcase your skills, your knowledge of the facts or standards to be confirmed to, or whether you’re smart or committed.

Purpose of your behaviour is also not to prove if you were RIGHT or wrong.

Purpose of your behaviour is simple: it is to figure out/carry out/push forward/facilitate what you are going to do to get the ONE, most important thing done. The most important thing is the ONLY thing that matters out of hundreds of things that lie with it on your (and your organization’s) to-do platter.

If you want to argue, argue about how you can make it better.

If you want to disagree, show the value that your disagreement would bring.

But if your expression brings the negative energy in just to PROVE your point, then everyone loses.

It is a waste…it is a waste of your time; and it is a waste of the receiver’s time. It’s a waste for a simple reason: IT DOES NOT GET ANYTHING DONE.

If your expression does not get things done, it is of no use.  Since it is of no use, how can it be right?

The ONLY right behaviour is what contributes in making the most important thing done. At least in the start-ups, and did I mention that YOU are also a start-up called YOU Inc.?



My Views About Honesty Published in DNA Newspaper, 15th August 2013

I have said it time and again that to build a remarkable career, company or country, one has to subscribe to what is called the continuous learning.

Still many of us believe that if we study for 15 or 18 years, take a good degree that has high potential of getting a highly paid job, we will be safe.

Gone are those days. The world is moving at unprecedented speed and I feel that anything but continuous learning attitude will be a minimum acceptable standard.

Yesterday, reporters from DNA NewsPaper approached me  and asked my views about honesty. Here’s what I said:

“The problem lies with our education system. In a race for degrees, we have stopped educating ourselves. Education empowers us with execution capabilities. Lack of execution skills gives way to shortcuts and getting into a vicious circle of doing things faster and compromises honesty…”


Here’s the link to DNA’s ePaper edition.

Dishonest self, families, society or countries convey just one thing – our definition of “right” is wrong!

Good news is that, it can be fixed with continuous learning.

Continuous learning and reflection are only two ways to challenge our dominating premises, learn from the experiences and make corrections that are required.