In 100 Words: Gladiator of Radiance

A Gladiator of Radiance needs courage and agility at the same time.

Two surefire ways to an error-prone strategy are:

  1. Act without thinking enough
  2. Think too much and delay the actions

To avoid making these errors, the gladiator deals with each state as if it were exclusive; applies no predefined rules or is driven by the sentiments.

“Then why do you always succeed?” asked a fellow.

“I have never fought a battle without first thoroughly understanding its purpose; on the other hand, I have never left any battle without giving my 100% and winning it,” answered the Gladiator.

In 100 Words: Be a helping soul

Just returned from the evening walk. On the street, I read a signboard: “Whom have you helped today?”

Probably the signboard was created for a cause, but it got me thinking…thinking about helping selflessly.

Reflected on what Flora Edwards had said, “In helping others, we shall help ourselves, for whatever good we give out completes the circle and comes back to us.”

So, help yourself first. Then everyone around. Selflessly. Just help. See what happens…

When you help selflessly, you generate tremendous powers within you. Helping souls have a tendency to engender great self-confidence.

Be a helpful soul who helps.

In 100 Words: Why do you pretend?

“Why do you pretend?”

“Because I can’t do what I want to.”

“When I don’t pretend and do what I want to, people treat me as if I were not one of them. When I’m true to myself and choose not to pretend, then they begin to doubt in all what I do.”

“The problem, as it seems, is not you can’t do what you want to, but trying to be accepted by everyone around you in a way you think you should be,” said the master, and walked away.

“And perhaps that’s why it’s better to choose to pretend.”

In 100 Words: Don’t play small

It takes tremendous discipline and laser focus to get to world-class excellence. It is about doing what’s right regardless of the pain it may cause. It is all about persistence that may attract huge costs.

So, why you should choose to play big?

The prime idea: playing small to yourself is the greatest disservice you will ever do to your life.  It diminishes your self-respect and motivates you to feel inferior.

Discovering and climbing your Personal Everest makes you feel great about your being.

Playing big makes your life regret-less and hence, living heaven on the earth.

Play big always.

In 100 Words: Bon Voyage!

“Today is the big day…the new start. The new sky is waiting for you to take a flight. Go and cover the sky under your wings,” the possibility said to me.

I replied, “That new sky came in my dream and said – It’s not because I exist, you can take a flight. I have to exist because you want to take a flight.”

We exist not because of the world, but the world exists because we want it to exist.  We are the creators. We invent possibilities and create what we want.

“The journey of one more experiment begins…”

In 100 Words: How to discover your destiny?

“Teach me the surefire way to discover my destiny.”

“Live in the present moment, add meaning to it. And, the most important, fill it with actions.”

“That I already do, but…”

“Then you need to inspire others to do that.”


“Because the Destiny scans through actions of all men. When she’d visit yours, she’ll like it and choose to be on your side. ”

“However, if she also finds reflections of your actions in actions of others, she’ll tag you as the one who inspires actions.”

And her joy will be immense because Destiny treasures actions above all virtues.