Thinking Vs. Doing

“When you have to shoot, shoot, don’t talk.” ~ Tuco, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Do what you should. Don’t talk about what you should be doing.

Results come to those who “act” while others are discovering the “right” ways to generate results.

You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.

You might have the knowledge about what’s right but it doesn’t matter.

Knowledge is not power; it is potential power. Knowledge becomes power only when you act upon it.

Results come to those who act.

Happiness is a result. Joy is a result. A life lived without regret is also a result. Yes. Result. Of something, you acted upon.

If you are like most, you would not have a clearly written statement of what’s most important to you. Even if you have written it, it might not be in “specifics.”

Do it now. Here’s how:

  1. Write down what’s most important to you. It will be your #1 priority. It will guide you about what’s right and what’s wrong when you act.
  2. Get specific. (I want to have lots of money this year in my bank account is not specific. I want to have $50,000 in my CitiBank Checking Account by 30th September 2014 is.)
  3. Write down specific negative results you might get if you don’t act upon what’s most important to you.
  4. Write down the next action you need to take to advance yourself towards what’s most important to you.

Did you realize that you just now defined your future?

While you don’t have the power to “define” your future, you do have the power to turn it into reality. Realize that.

Cultivate the courage to create/shape/build or decorate your life around your #1 priority.

But what if I fail?

You will.

I bet.

Would you be needing more time to “analyze” your “unique” situation so you don’t fail?


You will fail even though you have thoroughly analyzed your unique situation. Don’t worry much. Ensure that your basic needs are taken care of but that’s about it. Ask the critical question: Will my life end if this project fails?

No? Go ahead and DO the Work!

This has happened to me and I’m sure this would have happened to you as well: The self-talk that says that let me wait till I’m ready; let me wait till {blah blah blah} …

This doesn’t work. It is very much likely that you’ll wait for the rest of your life to begin that project. Begin when you’re 50% ready and surprise yourself with the results!

The 4 enablers of excellence

We all want to be successful. The excellence, as it turns out, is the vehicle to achieve success.

So what it takes to achieve the success? What are the 4 pillars? What are the four enablers of excellence? Here they go:

  1. Essence: “I chose because that’s how I live my purpose. I’m responsible.” 
  2. Ownership: “I’ll make it happen no matter what.”
  3. Gratitude: “I’m thankful for all what I’ve got. Now let me give something back without expecting anything in return.”
  4. Courage: “If I don’t try, I can’t fail. But then what’s the point? Fear? Sure I do have my share of it. But I choose to feel the fear but do it anyway.”

We were born excellent. Fearless. We had all the above qualities although we did not have the distinction that lets us know that our core is made of pure excellence.

Then they taught us to be obedient. They gave us rules to live by…a sense of right and wrong from the perspective of society. Stories of punishments we will get if we don’t follow the rules became a part of our lives.

What they did not teach us was this understanding: it’s okay to break the rules; it’s okay to create your own rules…and be responsible for what you’ve created!

The result? Mediocre we. Yes, you. And me!

They were none other than our beloved family members, school teachers, elderly people whom we respected in society and alike.

They wanted to see us happy but their understanding of happiness was against bringing the “excellence” out from us.

Their definition of happiness was fulfilled if we get a “secured” job which was predictable enough to raise children, go to Europe tour once or (twice at a maximum) in a lifetime and live an apparently “settled” life.

Now, nothing is wrong with that definition if we are okay with mediocrity. Excellence takes something else.

The choice has always been ours; the choice will always be ours: we can choose to dance on the head of fear and get the sh*t done or let fear dance on top of us.

A choice well made is a choice which we won’t regret on our deathbed. What choice do you want to make?

Don’t feel sorry

Do you keep feeling sorry about the things?

You should not. Here’s why: you keep feeling sorry when you don’t take ownership of your act (or inaction) in the matter.

When you take ownership of your presence in the matter, you just don’t feel sorry, you do something about it.

Mentally weak people keep feeling sorry about the things and expect that others forgive them.

And, you are not born to be a mentally weak being, are you?

No individual is perfect in this world. We keep making mistakes every now and then. We make mistakes knowingly or unknowingly. Sometimes, we just can’t control our actions.

Whatever the cause, but the fact is, something has happened which should not have happened. Now what?

Take ownership and do something about the matter: make yourself involved at a deeper level in the matter or get out-of-the-way. Either act is fine depending upon its appropriation.

Choose not to live in the past.  Whatever lessons were to be learned are learned.  Decide to move on in your own, unique way.

For others, you may not be the same dependable or trustworthy person. That’s okay! This is what your actions have created. Take more actions that have the potential to create something that you wish for.

Maybe the future will recreate the trust; maybe it will not. No one knows the future and while it might be painful at the personal level, leave it on time.

Move on from the event of past and focus your energies on other important things in your life. It may be spending time with your loved ones, getting better at a particular sport, growing your business or whatever they are.

Do not keep feeling sorry about the things, do something valuable so that the act that caused the sorrow becomes negligible in comparison.

While I’m not against the feeling of genuine sorry that you might feel about something that was done unintentionally, the point I’m making is this: when you really feel sorry about something, you do something about it.

You don’t just feel and keep feeling: the world is full of feelers, it needs more of doers. Actions matter. The feeling should be a good trigger to take some actions that matter, the mere feeling is useless otherwise.

Go, rise to newer heights. When you genuinely feel sorry, take the ownership and change yourself first.

Forgive yourself now

You have made a mistake and you’re not ready to forgive you. “How come I make such a mistake? Such a blunder?” You are thinking.

Sounds familiar?

We all make mistakes. For example, list down names of all your friends, relatives and other people you know. Include the great people, leaders, and gurus whom you respect and admire a lot. Now pause for a moment and take a little detailed look at their lives. Have they not made any mistake? You bet!

The thing is, everyone does the BEST thing they can do at the very moment. Our actions are dependent on various parameters. Some of them we know, some of them we don’t. But regardless, they impact our actions.

That’s how it is.

The best thing you can do when you encounter a moment of heaviness where you are convinced that you have made mistake is to accept it as it is and just be comfortable with it.

The good thing about your mistake is this – it is your past, not your present. You have your present moment in your hand which you can shape as you wish.

Feeling guilty is a choice but certainly not a good one. In fact, it is bad. Bad for your health. Bad for your confidence. Bad for your self-esteem. And bad for your overall wellbeing.

Forgive yourself now because that is a better choice. The thing about choice is that it can be overwritten with another choice. If you overwrite your previous choice with a better one, you’re better off, aren’t you?

We have not invented the time machine yet. We cannot go back in and change the mistake. Had this been possible, it would probably be the best choice. But it is not available to us so better we make the next best choice – Accept the reality, whatever it is.

Remember what Henry David Thoreau said, “Never look back unless you are planning to go that way!”

You do not want to go back, do you?

Certainly, you don’t want to.

Instead, savor the present moment.

Know that you’re not your thoughts. Know that you’re not your actions. Know that you’re not your mistakes. You’re pure awareness of the moment. Nothing less; nothing more.

Learn to have a life full of Shouldless Living. Accept yourself the way you are and the way you are not and start engaging in the next best thing wholeheartedly.

Let Love Happen

“Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead.” ~ Oscar Wilde

Have you ever experienced a great human sentiment called Love? It is one of most elegant emotions a human being ever experiences.

Still, many societies, communities, families, situations and thinking patterns tend to suppress it. They impose as if it were a foreign emotion…something external, but the truth is the opposite.

Human beings are capable of it when they let it happen. But often they do not because they don’t get it right.

As human beings, our prime duty is to make our souls happy and when we don’t let love happen, how can we be happy?

We let fears fill our minds, develop different kinds of prejudices and take (or not take) actions that keep us away from the spontaneous, natural and divine feeling called love.

The moment you divide the world into yours and mine, good and bad, right and wrong, you associate many conditions to your love. That very feeling subordinates to the external situations and it will be no longer natural, as it will get triggered when an external condition is true.

As spiritual beings on a human journey, we experience things through our five senses: sound, sight, touch, smell, and taste. We do it through our body and mind.

The best body can ever achieve is pleasure and health. The best mind can ever achieve is bliss. When you love unconditionally, body and mind – both operate with intense energy and achieve its best.

Most people do not know these distinctions but they are capable of experiencing different types of emotions anyways: May it be anger, trust, distrust, respect, possessiveness, like, dislike or love.

These emotions fill most part of our lives. Love is the most fulfilling emotion amongst all.

Here, “Love” is not something about loving someone else; it is a blessing that is available to you. Like healthy body and blissful mind, it is a gift that you already have. Whether you allow yourself to use that gift or not is in your hands.

When you allow love to happen, you get connected with a completely different kind of energy.

Love is the door to heaven. But make sure you get it right – anyone can show you that door, but no one can open it for you. You’re the one who has to walk through it.

Go, let love happen. Act a child. Don’t judge. Things are just fine. Just play the game with 100% of your attention. Don’t focus on seizing the benefit, just experience who you are and let everyone around you notice it. Flow like a river.

Okay failure

Failure is at a far side of success. It is an event to be embraced, accepted, reflected upon what actions caused the failures and move on.

Flow like a river. Flowing beings are never a failure. The reason is simple – they don’t stick at once place. Usually the event of the past. Failure has already happened. Although you don’t need to if you really want to, then be sad for 15 minutes but then start creating something new.

Thought that you need to move on is all it takes.

Life won’t be the same when you experience yourself who has started moving on.

Most learnings of successful beings
come from their experiences of
being part of failures.

When you’re failing, you’re gathering
resources for successful YOU.

Keep moving ahead!

~ UV (20130812)