Mini Saga – Personal Freedom

People quit jobs and do unexpected things to pursue their dreams. They have more probability to work if done for the right reasons.

It is okay to do ANYTHING if you have the readiness to do whatever it takes. Decisions are never right or wrong. We have to make our decisions right to serve the context we have created or participated in.

We’re born to serve. First, to serve our own self and then everyone around us. In order to serve, one has to have personal freedom. Read the following mini-saga to see if you’ve achieved personal freedom.

Personal Freedom

In search of Personal Freedom, Rick left his six-figure job three years ago. For years, he would convey his story to everyone around about how he left that high-paying corporate job to acclaim personal freedom. One day, his wife put forward a question – “Rick, have you really acclaimed personal freedom?”

Personal Freedom is achieved when you are free from your past and your future. Personal Freedom is achieved when you choose to live in the present moment. Living in the present moment takes a lot of courage and intent to see things the way they are and the way they are not. That’s scary.

Not always easy, extremely challenging most of the times, but that’s the cost you will need to pay to achieve Personal Freedom.

In the end, I’d invite you to reflect on what Stephen Covey had said, “Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space lies our freedom and power to choose our response. In those choices lie our growth and our happiness.”

Mini Saga – Key Discriminator

Answers like below may become key discriminator at the time of interview. However, it depends on the type of organization you’re having an interview with:

Key Discriminator

Kate appeared for a software project manager interview.

Interviewer: “Tell me about one thing you are NOT very good at?”

Kate:  “Software Programming! – That’s the reason I could focus on getting it done from other most brilliant colleague!”

This answer became the key discriminator and easier for the interviewer.

Your perception and the answers that follow your perception makes all the difference!

Mini Saga – Why Prove?

Even after years of a successful career, some people need someone else to confirm that they are right.

Why so? Is it really required?  

Do you have any kind of ‘Sandy’ living within you? Read the following mini-saga to find out.

Why Prove?
Sandy was the most experienced person in the organization. He was proud of his management tactics, which he had learned the hard way.  When he tried to prove his point to his friend Peter, Peter asked, “But why do you need to prove it after 30 years of successful career?”

Time invested in proving you’re right when it is not required is a form of waste – use that time wisely to do something that matters, instead.

Mini Saga – Unfortunate Job Search

Unfortunate Job Search

And, the seventh call came.

They also had found a position precisely matching the description of his dream job.

Brian spent several weeks searching with zero result so he’s trying job consulting agencies today.

But, there was a common issue – the position was the same he resigned from last month.

If you have decided to change your job, it’s okay. However, the key here is to be clear about what exactly do you want. If you’re not clear, you’ll end up matching Brian’s position as in the above mini-saga.

Mini Saga – Reward

Effective leaders believe in developing their team members.

First, they recognize potential in a team member and then do everything possible to make sure that the selected team member play to his/her own limits and reward him/her self, the project and the organization at large.

Often team members guess that their boss uses their skills just for the sake of squeezing more juice from him/her. Many times, that’s not the case, for example, read below mini-saga:


Sure-handed Peter was disappointed playing different roles in a big software project. Analyst, Tester, Architect, ScrumMaster…Multiple. Every few months his boss would move him to take over another role. One day, he decided to resign but: A promotion letter was awaiting him saying “Congratulation, you’re ready for the next gig!”

Evaluate from this lens as well when you feel like being squeezed.

Mini Saga – Numbers!

I’ve seen many business heads keeping no stones unturned to chase the numbers.

Generally, numbers are good and keep people motivated however if the numbers do not create the feeling of excitement in your people, its a time to look at the things from a different lens. Maybe the business will do better, then.

Just Numbers?

Profit focused Steve the marketing-head said, “You didn’t meet the numbers this year huh? I really don’t understand why my team is not inspired with the numbers.”  “But how this number madness does any good for me? We still didn’t get last year’s due incentive! ”, said Jack the employee.

Just talking numbers doesn’t work. It needs a totally different level of dedication from all the parties involved!