Fulfilling My Destiny – A Zen Story

In not so ancient times, there lived a master.

He came from a humble background and led his way to wisdom through hard work, perseverance, and ability to solve complex problems.

He was appreciated for not only his wisdom but also for his unique + unusual + interesting way of teaching.

Everyone Liked the Master

A lot of people not only liked him but also used seek his help for solving diverse problems related to business, relationships, and life.

His preferred way of teaching was fire and forget. He’d  teach a concept, provide vivid examples and relevant stories around the concept and that’s it.

He never seemed to worry much about the outcomes and used to teach all kind of students with equal focus.

A New Disciple Comes

One day, a new student enrolled in master’s self-development class.

The new student was young but curious, inexperienced but determined, not super talented but had super-clarity of thoughts.

The fees for the class was  100% participation of the student. If a student takes any session for granted, s/he would not make to the next class.

The young student was working hard, participating wholeheartedly, and expressing himself fully.

He got enough attention and guidance from the master.

This student started acquiring more skills and started being more aware of the fabric of self-development and what it means to be a lifelong learner.

While the class was about to end, the student said to the master:

“Oh master, I have been observing you since you accepted me in your class.

You don’t worry much whether your students will learn what they need to or not.

You just teach and let your students learn. If they don’t, you don’t say anything to them. If they do, then also you don’t say anything to them.

But when it comes to me, I think you make sure that I learn it.

You are helping me to fulfill my dreams. Thank you, master!”

Master Fulfills His Destiny

“I’m not here to fulfill your dreams; I’m here to fulfill my destiny.” replied the master.

“What’s your destiny?” asked the student.

“My destiny is what I make of it,” the master said calmly.

“But I think you help me to fulfill my dreams, you go beyond what a master would do normally,” the student affirmed his thought.

“Well,” said the master, “I’m just fulfilling my destiny. If it means anything else in your world then it is your version of what it is.”

What to Learn from the Story

#1. Your destiny is to serve. When  you serve, you rule. Rule the hearts. 💚

#2. Like the master, we all are here to fulfill our destiny. And our destiny is what we make of it. If it means anything else to anyone, it is not our lookout, it is their lookout. 🙂

#3. Fulfilling your destiny means nothing but celebrating your existence and doing what you feel is right in the moment of choice.

What if fulfilling your destiny becomes your life work?

PS: It’s okay if you’re not doing your life work but at least now you know that it is possible to do that sooner than later.

The Sun, the Lake and the Celebration – A Photo Story

It was a fine morning when the Sun and Lake were talking with each other.

Using a strange language. The language without the words.

It was a pure language of enthusiasm, discovery and love.

It was a language that every mindful creature knew how to speak.

It was a language that every mindful creature knew how to interpret.

It was a language that every mindful creature knew how to celebrate. So here goes the celebration, between the Sun and the Lake:

The Sun and The Lake

“I’m seeing the beginning of me within you,” The Sun said to the Lake.

“I’m the one who always had you,” replied the Lake,

“But you’re seeing me this morning :p.”

“But nonetheless, it’s a good omen (y),” added the Lake.

“Oh, you’re very much like me, little Lake,” said the Sun.

“Nope, you’re somewhat like me,” replied the Lake, “Don’t you see my reflection within you?”

And the wise Sun was speechless.

The little Lake was speaking the language he knew well.

It was the language of the soul.

It was the language that radiated the ambition and the enthusiasm, of things being created with love and purpose, and as part of a search for something believed in, desired and being achieved.

“All things are one,” whispered the Lake, “Celebrating the warmth of the Sun within it.”

“All things are one,” received the Sun, “Celebrating the beginning of the Lake within him.”

Deer Gets the Wings – a Photo Story

Photo Story : Flying Deer

Deer @ the Gir Forest

The Talk Between the Deer and the Forest

“What’re you wondering?” the Forest asked the Deer.

“I’m going to leave,” said the Deer.

“I’m the forest and I know that I’m amongst the best forests out here, and I guess you have no problems living here. You get food and shelter and you have a good rapport with even the violent animals so they don’t eat you,” The forest said with hope.

“Well,” said the Deer, “That’s not the point. I feel I should go to a bigger forest and experience life more intensely because I am going to discover my destiny.”

“Deer don’t travel from forests to forests, they care about their food and keeping themselves safe from the wild animals of the forest,” said the Forest.

“Just because I’m Deer, I should act like all other Deer? I don’t think so. I made friends with some of the wildest animals, which none of the other animals have done in this forest. Sure, I’m a little Deer but I have dreams and I want to realize them,” replied the Deer.

“But, everyone here will miss you. You’re the cutest amongst all the animals and all of us really like you,” the Forest said emotionally.

“Hey my dear Forest, I have nothing sort of dislike about you and other animals living here.  But I think we are free to go where we wish and to realize what we are. I just want to discover who I really am and there’s only one way to do that: Travel to different forests and get more experiences. And, this is the first step towards it.”

“Your wordings remind me of Richard Bach’s Jonathan Livingston Seagull book,” said the forest.

“You’re right! Do you know, some time back, I met with a Seagull, who told me the story of Jonathan Livingston Seagull and how he reached the heights which were once unimaginable.”

“The story was inspiring and it incepted a wish inside me. A wish to discover who I really am. And you know, I also learned from Richard Bach that you are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it true.”

“Okay, and…?” wondered the forest.

The Talk Between the Deer and Leo, the Lion King

“Well, as you know I’m friends with even the king of the forest, Leo. I went to him and shared my wish.”

And guess what, Leo told me this, “Most Deer do not have any ambition to go to the bigger forests but you are different since you were a toddler. Remember when we first met, you were not afraid of me; you did not run away but saw straight in my eyes and said ‘Hey Leo’. And I could see the strength of your soul in your eyes and we became friends,” said the king.

Then I asked, “But do you think I’ll be able to survive in the new forest? Am I not too young and inexperienced?”

“Since you saw the dream, you’ll figure out all different ways to realize it,” said the King, “You have the freedom to be yourself, your true self, here and now, and nothing can stand in your way.”

“But Leo, I’m going to miss you, I really ..,” I said. “Please don’t ask me anything more.”

“I will always be with you. Whenever you need me, just let me know and I’ll appear in one form or the other,” said the King hiding his wet eyes.

But let me tell you this: “This is your road; and yours alone. I may walk it with you but I won’t walk it for you. Go, discover your true self. Fly with the new wings.”

“Fly with the new wings?” I asked. “Isn’t it unreasonable for a Deer like me to get wings?”

“It sure is, but being unreasonable is the only way through which one can discover her destiny. The world is full of reasonable people who have valid reasons about why you should only do reasonable things. But to discover your destiny, you’ll need to be unreasonable.”

“And you know, being unreasonable is the most beautiful thing one can ever experience. It is 100% reasonable for a Lion to eat a Deer but you know, I will never eat you. Now, spending time with you gives me the internal joy that I had never experienced as a Lion in my whole life thus far. That’s so beautiful that I don’t have words to describe it.”

“So you will also learn to fly with the new wings. As a Deer, you may not get the literal wings but an awareness that only you’d get. Just choose to be aware of everything around you, experience things intensely, understand things deeply but make progress one step at a time.”

The Deer Starts Discovering Her Destiny

“And my heart was filled with confidence,” said the Deer. “And here I’m all set to leave.”

“Ok, now I understand your point of view. Go Deer Go and discover your destiny,” said the Forest, “But you have to make me a promise to come back and share your success story when you have discovered your destiny.”

“Well, I’ll come back one day to tell my story but please take care of my dear Leo who is really going to miss me when I’m gone.”

“And you take care of yourself, little Deer because I know you’re also going to miss all of us and your dear friend, our King.”

“I’m going to keep in touch with Leo even when I’m gone from this forest because there is no ‘because’ … that’s the first unreasonable act I’m going to do in order to discover my destiny,” the Deer thought to herself.

Photo Poem: Do It In Your Own Way

Not everyone is fortunate to be able to hear the silence of sounds on the face of nature but sometimes we get to experience such moments:

Silence of sounds

Listen to the silence of sounds
Set yourself free from all possible bounds

Tap into the freshness of the the leafs
Disregard every doubts, buts and ifs

Yes, you can make it happen
Intentional action, yes, that is your weapon

Intensely explore every forest and every highway
Come what may, do it in your own way!

Is that so – a modern Zen Story

Alex, an intelligent, detailed oriented and calm Computer Programmer was praised by his colleagues for his ability to solve complex problems without getting stressed.

He was working with a Software Development Company and he was so respected that many clients used to put a clause in the contract that the company would get the contract only if Alex is part of the development team.

One day a young and attractive software developer, Lisa joined the company. She was to be the point of contact for the company’s biggest client account. What’s more, she was hired based on a strong recommendation from the same client.

Few months passed and the client discovered that the software version they received had a business-critical bug. It made the client upset and they asked Lisa about who was responsible for causing the bug. She would not confess initially but after much questioning, at last, she named Alex.

With great anger, the client went to Alex. “Is that so?” was all Alex would say.


Is that so?

“Now you will need to work on the day and night and fix the critical bug within next 24 hours or your company will lose the contract and also the legal battle.” The client demanded.

“Is that so?” Alex said calmly as he accepted to fix the critical bug.

Few months later when Lisa could not stand it longer, she told the client the truth: the real bug was caused by her and not Alex.

The customer went to Alex and asked for his forgiveness, to apologize at length and offer them praise and bonus and express their gratitude.

This time also, Alex was calm and peaceful. All he said was: “Is that so?”

Lesson: Whatever the problem, keep calm and always focus on the solution.

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Happiness and a Small Town Tea Stall Owner – a Short Story

A Tea Stall Owner from a small town was absolutely satisfied and happy in his life.
small town tea owner on happiness
One day he got to know a bit more about his regular customer: a Car Driver of a well-known business tycoon.

The Car Driver used to stop at his stall every morning and every evening with different expensive and luxurious cars.

“This Car Driver gets to drive different, expensive cars every day. He must be the happiest person in the world,” he thought.

The Car Driver

the car driver on happiness

“Well,” said the car driver, “I felt I was very fortunate to drive different and cool luxury cars every day until I met Mona, my boss’s personal secretary.”

“She is well educated, good looking and career oriented woman. She also gets to drive almost all the cars that I drive, but she is treated more respectfully and attentively than me. Maybe with more affection too ;)”

The Tea Stall Owner then approached Mona.

The Personal Secretary

personal secretary on happiness
Mona explained, “I lived a happy life until my boss got married to Kate, the popular film actress.”

“I only get to be with my boss for a few hours a day, I get his attention, I learn a few things from him and if he is in a good mood, I can get little cozy with him. You know what I mean. I also get to drive most of his expensive cars, but my boss’s wife, Kate, being a very popular actress and more beautiful than me, enjoys an abundance of his attention and wealth. Kate is a big name in the film industry, earns millions, and also enjoys attention and love from our country’s most handsome man, my boss!  I was really happy before my boss’s marriage with Kate but not anymore. I feel jealous of Kate …”

The Film Actress

kate on happiness
The Tea Stall Owner then approached Kate, “Hey Kate, you’re so beautiful, rich and famous. Every day thousands of people come to see and greet you. People come to me for having a tea. I do not get any attention from them. They just care about their tea. Sometimes they even don’t care about the quality of tea I make. They come to my place, talk about everything on the earth with other people and leave. I don’t get enough love, richness and wealth though essentially God has created both of us as human beings. I think you must be the happiest person in the world and I’m not …”

Kate replied, “I always thought that I was the most loved and happy person on the planet.”

“But because of my popularity, I feel trapped. I cannot live the life I want to. I have to wear the mask of the “brand” I have become.  Sure, I have an abundance of money, fame, and a loving husband, but I am not free.  I ‘have to’ behave specifically so I can maintain my brand image.”

“But you know what, for last several years, I have been consciously seeing you selling the tea at this corner. I am seeing that you are really enjoying your work as a tea maker. Often, you’re singing a song or you’re having fun along with those college students who come to your stall to take some tea on credit. Whenever I see you, I think perhaps you’re the happiest person on the earth because you’re free and you can do whatever you want!”

“For past few days, I have been thinking if I were a Tea Stall Owner like you, I could really do all that I want to, without wearing any masks!!!”


hort Story on Happiness

That’s our problem too.

We look for happiness everywhere else but not from within.

We make a comparison with others and create an abundance of unhappiness in our lives.

We don’t value the present moment that God has showered us with.

We plunge ourselves in the vicious cycle of unhappiness: I am unhappy than him. I am less beautiful than her. My cousin has 2 bungalows while I am staying on rent.

How our life would become if we value our present state?

How our life would become if we choose not to compare ourselves with others, for better or worse?

How our life would become if we just live the present moment?

How instead of writing that above is “easier said than done,” we start making it easy – for our own self – and others too?

Happiness has no relationship with the profession you are in. It emerges from within.

If you look forward to the next moment of your life with equal or better enthusiasm, then your present moment is well spent. If not, then … you need to make some changes.

What changes you will make will depend upon the type of expectations you have from your life, but ask yourself this: a life full of accomplishments is worth at the cost of happiness – or a life full of happiness is worth at the cost of accomplishments?

There is no right generalized answer to this question but I am sure there is an answer that is right for you. That answer will determine the course of your next life. Choose it consciously so you don’t have any deathbed regrets.

A Lion in Search of a Circus

When Simba, the Lion, didn’t know that a circus was a possible home for him, his life was different.

He had so much freedom, many opportunities, and so much choice.

He was wired to lead. He was wired to roar. He was wired to kill.

Kill like a Lion.


Then came circus. And the ringmaster.

Initially, Simba didn’t like the circus but eventually he compromised and surrendered himself.

If he would do exactly as the ringmaster asked him to do, he would get a piece of meat.

If he would refuse to do as the ringmaster asked him to do, he will have to sleep hungry.

If he’d do what the ringmaster wanted even without asking, he would get one more piece of meat.

Following the ringmaster’s orders was a better deal.

So he rewired himself to listen to and follow the ringmaster’s orders.

He was now an integral part of the circus.

His life became easy. Follow the orders and get the food. On some days, he would be allowed to have sex with the lioness who used to stay in a nearby cage.

Simba thought to himself, “Life at circus is not bad at all. I get the food without having to kill anyone and I get to spend some good time with the lioness I developed a crush on.”

As the years passed, Simba thought that the ringmaster was his “true” master and if he would please him, his life would continue to be easy.

Everything worked well for several years, but one day, for some reason, the circus owner decided to close the circus down.

The circus owner was happy with Simba. He thought at this point, rather than selling him to another circus, he would send him back to his real home, into the wild.

And he did it.

That day was difficult for Simba. There was no ringmaster. No shows. No noise of people applauding Simba’s performance. There was no food at his fingertips.

Simba was hungry and he had to arrange for his food on his own.

But he didn’t feel like home. The wild was perhaps too wild for him. He didn’t want to stay there anymore. He needed to be with a circus. Any circus.

He sat under a tree thinking, “It would be great if I find another circus. I want someone to come and take me to the circus again …”

He was the Lion. The King. Yet he needed a place to hold him, a spot where he didn’t have to assume the responsibility.

If he would work with a circus, he’d get food, sex and sense of safety.

Simba was no longer a Lion. His habits were changed. Sure, he looked like a Lion but didn’t remain one. He could roar, but he could not choose.

Why wasn’t he a Lion anymore? Did he forget hunting?


But after living a passive life with the circus and after following orders from the ringmaster, he forgot to choose himself.

Simba hadn’t read James Altucher‘s book – Choose Yourself . Especially the page #4 which goes as below:

“That’s when it clicked. When everything changed. When I realized that nobody else was going to do it for me. If I was going to thrive, to survive, I had to choose myself. In every way.”

~James Altucher, Choose Yourself, pg #4

If you don't choose yourself, you don't remain Lion even though you were born as a Lion. Click To Tweet

If you are a Lion, then you hunt. You don’t ridicule yourself by following orders of the ringmasters.

If you are a programmer, then you program. You don’t fool yourself by copy/pasting code from stakeoverflow.com and call yourself a Programmer.

You are not what's available to you. You're not what happens to you. You are what you choose to… Click To Tweet

Hunt every day. Program every day. Keep your reflexes sharpened. Read Choose Yourself from James Altucher today and be a real Lion who leads the wild, not just Simba. 

Or go in search of a circus.