Love You, Zindagi! ❤️

Yesterday, I heard this wonderful song from an upcoming movie – Dear Zindagi.

It resonated quickly and I listened to it more than once in first 30 minutes of me knowing about such a song.

Then I listened to it once more.

And more.

Within just about a couple of hours, I listened to this song 5-6 times.

Then I plunged myself into the work. While I was doing the work, I enjoyed my being little more than usual. For no apparent reasons.

Then I reached home.

The TV was on.

I don’t know why but I asked to record the program being watched.

Then I streamed this Love You, Zindagi song from my phone’s YouTube to the TV.

While the dinner was being prepared, I watched it three times more.

Then we took the dinner.

While taking dinner, I watched it once more.

Then I went to my home office. And started doing some research about my upcoming book – on building a winning career (and life).

While researching, I listened to the song again.

And once more.

Then I went to bed.

For past few months, I’ve developed a habit of reviewing all good things that have happened during the day and being thankful to God. This simple gratitude exercise contributes in producing many good things including the good night’s sleep.

I was thinking about the activities and accomplishments of the day. Many good things happened:

  • Taught two people on content writing and project management respectively;
  • Led the marketing plan creation process for TingTong app;
  • Solved two problems of two different friends;
  • Finalized the design of two pages of Yories’ upcoming website;
  • Consulted a client on the next step of his app launch;
  • Did an hour of quality research on my upcoming book on social media …

While all of these was happening, I keep listening to this Love you, Zindagi song. Things like this do not happen to me usually. It was a bit different experience.

I was wondering why I enjoyed this song so much… soon, I realized that this song has a language. It’s the language of being unconventional. It’s the language of life. The language that all of us wants to use but only a few of us practice.

It is the language that radiates hope. 😇
It is the language that radiates joy. 🙂
It is the language that radiates possibilities.✍
It is the language that radiates sunshine. ☀️
It is the language that radiates love. ❤️

And the lyrics of the song – they are so apt. And lovely.

And something that served as the basis of the following poem that penned itself soon after the song was internalized without any conscious effort from my side:

I love you, life

I do what I like
I don’t do what I don’t

I welcome the smiles
I fire the pains

I love you, life
Oh life, hold my hands all the times
even though I try to walk away sometimes

I know I’m a bit volatile
And you are a bit strange
But we go along well
as we make a great pair

I welcome the smiles
I fire the pains

I Love you, life!

This experience reminded me of Geet from Jab We Met. Geet is one of the most sparkling characters Indian Cinema has ever produced.

Also, I found the picturization of the song wonderful. It’s crazy. It’s weird. It’s perfectly imperfect.

Oh, the scenes where SRK plays kabaddi with the ocean and Alia plays with the mud. Insanely imperfect!

Any so-called “sane” person would not do things like this but that’s the beauty of these scenes and intelligence of the director.

And the actors? Loved them both. The life on Alia’s face and the calm intensity of SRK’s act are just awesome!

Those tiny acts are full of life. Uncanny. Weird. Off. But I enjoyed them. If you want to live an intense life, I think, weirdness is an essential tool.

Dear Zindagi

Then I went to sleep. It was one of the most tranquil sleep I ever experienced in recent days.

And today has begun. With all good vibes. And I headed to work just after writing this piece in the morning.

And this is lunch time and I’ve heard this song 4 more times!

PS: Zindagi = Life. This is for people who can’t interpret Hindi words. 🙂 

Love Story of the Ice – a Photo Story

The ice.


Frozen at the mountaintop.

Searching for her lost love.

Known as the Sun!

The ice knew that when they will mate, she will lose her whole identity.

When they will mate, she will no longer remain the ice. She will get a new form. A form recognized as Water.

A form that will be fluid, unlike its present form recognized as ice, which is little rigid, little frozen …

The ice knew all of these, yet her wait for the Sun gets more and more intense.

Will the Sun show up?

No one knows. Not even the ice.

Does even the Sun know about Ice’s love for him?

Perhaps. Perhaps not.

But does it matter to anyone except the ice?

Does it even matter to the Sun?

Perhaps. Perhaps not.

But regardless, at the very moment of capture, the Ice was giving a pose to my camera hoping that it will somehow communicate about her wait to the Sun.

But my camera did not even know how to communicate about the Ice’s wait to the Sun.

“I’m so Sorry,” I heard my camera whispering in the ears of the Ice. “I don’t know but I will tell the hands holding me to write about your wait in a language Sun might understand …”

But seems the Sun found it out intuitively and started sending some of its rays for the ice …

Is it, Sun?

Is There a Life after Death?

A lot of people are living in the past;
A lot of people are wondering why things are not working;
A lot of people are thinking about their lonely childhood;
A lot of people are blaming their society, their families or their spouses for the recent disasters they have been experiencing …

A lot of people are living in the future;
A lot of people are searching for the heaven;
A lot of people are worrying what their tomorrow will look like;
A lot of people are doing research to find out whether there’s a life after death …

life after death

The real problem is not whether there’s a life after death;
but whether you’re alive before you’re dead!

A lot of people are living dead;
If you are too then it’d be wise to feel sad.

But it would be wiser to feel sad for just a few moments.

Because things happen in this world because of actions.
Actions of yours or someone else’s.

For actions to happen, your belief systems play a significant part. Because before taking any action, we tend to validate whether that particular action is appropriate or not… but the appropriation of an action is subjective, nothing more and nothing less.

So, you have an opportunity that you can cause (create) the situations for your life.

It is not guaranteed that you will find success in this path but it is a guarantee that you won’t find regrets.

Know that life experiences do not just happen; they are made.
You can shower your life with golden ornaments and choose to become a jade!

Performer’s Death. Let’s Celebrate – #RIPMuhammadAli

Muhammad Ali, who proclaimed himself as “The Greatest” and then spent his whole life living up to the billing is no more.

At 74, Ali died Friday at a Phoenix-area hospital, where he had spent the past few days being treated for respiratory complications.

Generally, the deaths are sad: Of an interest. Of curiosity. Of innocence. Of human beings.

But Performers’ deaths are different.

Though they live the physical universe, they remain ALIVE in the people’s heart. For the work of mastery they produced. For the pain of getting into greater verticle depths that no one can experience except them.

So today, I invite all of you, who are in their quest to becoming their ultimate best, celebrate the performer’s death.

To celebrate his death, let’s reflect on some of the wise sayings of Ali. If you are deeply connected with physical Ali, you might want to feel sad but your celebration should be much more your sadness – that’s the real tribute legends like Ali deserve.

If you are deeply connected with physical Ali, you might want to feel sad but your celebration should be much more than your sadness – that’s the real tribute legends like Ali deserve.

Let’s learn from all what Ali said and celebrate our existence by keeping him alive in our best work. #RIPMuhammadAli.


How to Get the Shit Out of Your Coding Skills

Do you know how to get the shit out of your coding skills?


You can do two things with your coding skills. Sell your skills on per-hour basis, a pretty good source of income, or use your skill to create an app, a product and experience the compound returns on your skills sooner or later.

How to Get the Shit Out of Your Coding Skills

The developer who writes the code aggressively, without regard for her peers earning pretty good income for more or less the same skills, and partying out loud on the weekends more frequently than she could, often ends up with more opportunities on her way and more possibilities to influence the world positively (including her own world!).

On the other hand, her seemingly happy peers, end up with 7-15% pay increase every year till the market is booming and then when the time is not good, might lose their job wondering what they will do next.

And, of course, it’s the same for designers, writers, doctors, advocates, painters and every kind of creators out there.

Sell your creations for “guaranteed” low returns or compound it through your abilities to deal with an uncertain next.

Is any next certain?

In Search of Self-Worth

Do you know what’s your self worth?

Are you in search of things that are beyond the logical boundaries of sorts?

Do you believe in …

your vision,
your co-founders,
your product idea …

… and your startup so deeply that others find your beliefs highly opinionated, unreasonable and outside the generally accepted norms?

If so, then chances are you might be creating your destiny in a way you won’t regret later.

But if your default is to never sound opinionated, unreasonable and you always strive to act within the accepted norms, then you’re probably not living your full potential.

Reflect on it. You would know What You Should be Doing Vs. What You’ve Been Doing is in harmony or not.

Your Mirror is a Powerful Tool

When did you last look at yourself through mirror?

“Funny question,” you might think. “I look at mirror everyday!”

Not so simple. Read on …

You look at mirror to be aware about how you look like.

  • If you haven’t combed your hair, you will comb it.
  • If you have put on some weight, then you will join a personal fitness program.
  • If the color of your shirt does not look good on you, you will change it.
  • If you are aware about how you look, you will do something about it.


With higher level of awareness, you can make choices that matter to you.

You look at the mirror everyday to be aware about your external look. I get it. What if you look at the mirror and be aware about your internal being?

What if you look at the mirror everyday to Know Thyself Better.

Looking at mirror is a form of reflection. Reflection about who we are. Reflection about how we look. Reflection about what’s good for us and what’s not …


With right amount of reflection, we make our lives better.

So today, why not look at the mirror and ask:

  • Am I happy?
  • Am I spending good time with people who matter to me?
  • Am I in the right profession?
  • Have I married with the right man (or woman)?
  • Have I spent my recent $5000 on the things that matter to me the most?
  • Am I living my most purposeful life?

You will get your very own answers to all such questions. Some answers might make you happy. Some answers might make you think.

If you feel happy with the answers, it’s pretty cool, enjoy the life’s joyride.

If you feel unhappy with the answers, this is the right time to do something about it.

Oh these questions. Oh these whys and whats and all similar sorts …

“He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.” ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

Life can be all about HOW but if its foundation is in the right WHY, it will be an experience worth having.

Your mirror is a powerful tool (If you make it!).